April 26, 2011

Updated: Japonesque Fast Lash Before and After

Update:  I apologize for not adding the Japonesque Fast Lash link on here.  In case you were wondering where to buy it.
I bought mine at Beautybar.com.  I discovered this site a while ago and it's a fantastic alternative to Sephora.  They offer free shipping for any purchases over $39, and first time buyers get $15 off $50! Which is an AWESOME deal.  If you decide to buy it, enter savings code: iluvhoney
Also, you get referral fees for this site.  So please use my savings code!!!

I completely forgot to upload this picture along with my post from yesterday, All About Lashes Part 1: Mascaras.

I was very fascinated with the Japonesque Fast Lash, so I took some before and after pictures.
First Picture, obviously- no mascara, second picture- with one coat of mascara, third picture- one dab of Japonesque Fast Lash, and fourth picture- voila long ass lashes. Can you see the big difference?  I used the Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara in this picture.  This was my first or second time applying it.  I've gotten a lot better at it, so it doesn't get as clumpy looking. :)
I apologize if four of my right eyes are staring and scaring you. kekekek


  1. Wow! The Japanese lash primer works so well! I must admit, your 4 eyes do look a little scary but I could totally tell the difference among the 4 pictures. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yeah its really cool! Try it out!
    Btw, the brand is called Japonesque, but I think it's an American brand not Japanese. :)

  3. Interesting! Do you know what's in it?? I'm scared to use this kind of stuff and then have them fall off!! This is way better than fake lashes.

  4. It's just fibers... It won't make your lashes fall off, but you just have to be careful not to get the fibers in your eyes. I haven't had any problems....

  5. OMG unnie, I'm going thru your blog at work :)

    I really want to try this japonesque mascara!!!!