May 29, 2012

Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I know everyone complains that their eyelashes are not full enough, long enough, voluminous enough, stick straight, etc... but seriously, my eyelashes are non-existent and super short... as you will see in my bare, no eye makeup look below... so mascaras are very important to me.  So I try out from drug store brands to high end brands... and I try out most of the mascaras that are released in waterproof form.  However, till this day, Dior Show (original formula) is my all time favorite, holy grail status mascara.  No mascara will make my eyelashes stand out like Dior Show.

So today I will be reviewing Maybelline's newest mascara from the Volum' Express line- Mega Plush. [Please note: It's so new, you may not find it everywhere].  I was lucky enough to find them at my local CVS and Bed Bath and Beyond.  And also the thing about new mascaras is that they don't come out with the waterproof version at the beginning, but I was able to get my hands on one.  Apparently, this is not released everywhere just yet.  It's not even on Maybelline's (US) website. @.@  But you can find more info on Maybelline's (Canada) website here.

I purchased the Waterproof Blackest in Black.

Mega Plush Mascara is Maybelline's first gel-mousse mascara.  It claims to give massive volume with a supple touch.  Extra-soft, patented Flexor Brush caresses lashses.  Lashes never brittle or flaky.

For best results, Maybelline recommends to apply the Flexor Brush against the lashes and sweep from root to tip until a full plush look is achieved.  Do not let dry between coats.  Removes easily with soap and water.

I was very impressed by this mascara.  I guess I didn't expect much, but after using it couple of days, I'm liking it more and more.  It does exactly what it claims.  The gel-mousse formula allows the formula to coat on to your lashes without being brittle or flaky.  I could wear and actually touch my eyes without getting flakes all over my face and lasts all day.  And my eyelashes are flexible! Even when I take it off at night with cotton pad and eye makeup remover, I don't see any clumps or flakes on my cotton pad.  AMAZING! It's very natural looking.  If you are looking for fake, lengthening, voluminous mascara, this may or may not do what it's supposed to for you.  I feel like it does lengthen and add volume (see before and after pictures below), but not as much as others I've used (like Dior Show).  However, I really love the formula, the brush, and that it does not flake or clump!  Therefore, I'd have to give this one two thumbs up! A great every day mascara!  It does concern me that this formula may dry faster than other mascaras. But we will see.

Let's take a look at the packaging....

Close up of the brush... lots of bristles... and I did not notice any clumps.

Flexor Brush... so flexible it has a swivel like joint... and feels very bouncy....

Some before and after pictures...
I applied this at night before taking a shower, so I took my makeup off.  Pardon my icky skin....  I wanted to show you just the mascara so you can see the lashes better.

You could barely see my lashes. hahahah I curled them and still can't see! lol
Right eye
 Two coats is definitely better than one. :)

Left eye
 Left eye....

Sorry you had to see my eyes so closely... scary I know!  But this was only way to show you my lashes. lol

In conclusion, if you are looking for a semi- natural mascara, give this a go.  I'm loving it.  I actually have Volum Express Falsies that I had for two months, but I have put that aside for this mascara.  I'll have to review that one soon also.

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Thanks for reading!

May 18, 2012

Review: BB Creams (Dior, Smashbox, Lioele)

I was going to do separate reviews for each of the bb creams, but decided to do them all together so you can see the comparison.  Also check out my reviews on BB Creams I've used in the past.

I'll start off with the non-Korean brands since these were quite new to me.  BB Creams must be seriously the greatest invention ever.  Now all the American and High End Brands are making them!

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme SPF 30 ($56) (Sephora Exclusive)
I saw that this one was available at Sephora and thought I try it.  I believe this bb cream is exclusive to Sephora (at least in the US).  I saw the hefty $56 price tag, and I opted for a sample first.  Sephora gave me a good amount of the sample. 

It comes in a pump style tube.  It has SPF 30 PA+++, and it claims to combine moisturizing and protective powers of a skincare product with the immediate complexion-enhancing and even toning properties of a foundation.  The complexion is left moisturized, smooth, and velvety soft. 

This unfortunately comes in one color and when I tried the sample for the first time, I knew I would not be able to use this.  (You'll see the color below.)  It was quite orangey.  Besides the color, it was not moisturizing for me.  It dries pretty matte, which I'm not so used to in a BB Cream.  It does look like it has light to medium coverage.  But due to the quite dryness of this BB Cream, it accentuated my fine lines in my face.  Even if this comes out in other colors, I don't think I'd purchase this.  The coverage and the function of this BB Cream is not worth the $56 price tag.  I've seen better BB Creams for less than this.  Unlike other BB Creams, this does not colormatch or blend to your skin tone well. So if you have oily skin, and your skintone matches this, you might give it a go.  But personally I think you might be better off trying the Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++ ($50). This also comes in one shade, a bit dark for my skin.

Definitely too orange for my skin....

Not sure you can tell, but where the I point, you can see that it did not blend in well and see the splotchy color difference.  It looks quite dry....

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream ($39)

Smashbox comes with 5 different shades ranging from Fair to Dark in a squeeze tube.

It has SPF 35, it claims to moisturize, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects for flawless skin on set and beyond.  And if worn under foundation, it enhances the wear of makeup for up to eight hours.

I got the second lightest shade- light.  I'm kind of on the fence on this one.  As for the product itself, I think it's good.  But if I compare this BB Cream to other BB Creams I have used, it's just alright... I've used better ones.  The formula is very light, moisturizing, however it lacks in coverage.  It's pretty sheer like a tinted moisturizer.  If you don't have to cover up any flaws, than this would be okay.  But for me I have hyperpigmentation that I'd like to cover up well.  The formula is also not oily which is good and kept good oil control throughout the day.  But since I've seen better, I probably won't re-purchase.

Finish is natural, but you can see that it's quite sheer.

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream  ($13-$20 depending on where you buy & shipping)

This is a Korean brand BB Cream.  It comes with a pump style tube.  It comes in one color.  It claims to have natural cover to help the suppressing skin.  It creates clear and natural skin tone by being effectively absorbed to skin.  It's bisabolol, licorice acid derivatives, and allantoin compenent soothe your skin and jojoba oil, macademia nut oil, hyauronic acid derivatives and marin collagen make your skin moist and smooth.

From all the BB Creams I have ever used in my life (Faceshop, Skin79, BRTC, Etude, Skinfood, Missha, Somang, etc...), Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream is the best I have used and is now my absolute favorite!!!  This one does not incorporate SPF, but they do have the SPF version- Triple the Solution which runs about $25- $35).  This one goes on soooo smooth on your face and has medium full coverage.  It is moisturizing.  At the end of the day, my nose is a bit oily, but it's like that with any products I use. I can get away with not wearing concealer using this BB Cream.  It goes on thick at first but quickly absorbs into your skin while still giving you the full coverage.  This hides my hyperpigmentation! And leaves that Korean Celebrity like glowy but natural skin finish that I love!  You can always set it or reduce the glow with powder.  However, this comes in one color, so if you have really dark skin tone skin, this won't work for you.  Although the big claim and big sell for Korean BB Cream was that it works to match and blend in with your skintones (which I'm guessing ranges of Asian skintones).  My friend who is darker toned, she has used same BB Cream as I have and found that they still match her skin tone. 

I would absolutely repurchase this and I highly recommend it.  I bought mine for $13 + $7 shipping on Amazon (ships from Korea).

 Goes on thick at first...

Absorbs nicely...

Color comparison between Lioele and Smashbox.  Smashbox actually is lighter but more neutral yellow tone, while Lioele is a little bit darker with neutral pink tone.

And for comparison of all three plus Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade no. 21.

Hope this was helpful to those who were waiting to try out non-Korean BB Creams.  Since I found my favorite BB Cream- Lioele, I don't think I'll be venturing off to other brands... unless I hear something is fabulous. ^_^

May 17, 2012

Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Fresh and Hydrating Cream Compact Makeup

In the past, I've tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Liquid Foundation after hearing rave reviews about it from Youtube Gurus and all over the blog world.  And when I finally got it, I actually found it to be quite dry on my face.  I absolutely hate it when my face is dry.  Dry skin = wrinkly problematic skin!  So I ended up returning that.

However!!!! Last month Chanel released the Vitalumiere Aqua Fresh and Hydrating Cream Compact Foundation in the US ($58).  Since my problem with the liquid version was too dry, I thought the Hydrating Cream Compact would be perfect!  Generally I love Chanel foundations.  So I was pretty excited to try this out.

Description of this compact from Chanel:
This water-based formula blends effortlessly and offers the lightness and radiance of a fluid with the ease and convenience of a compact format. The complexion is immediately hydrated and smoothed, with a look of natural, flawless radiance and a comfortable feel that lasts all day.

In the US, they released 10 shades ranging from 6 shades in the Beige family and 4 shades in the Beige Rose (pinkier undertone).  The range isn't that great.  If you have darker skin, this probably won't work for you. 

I bought Beige 20.  It probably will be a little dark for me during the winter, but I've been getting some sun so my neck is getting darker.  I didn't want my face looking too different from the rest of my body.  (sorry, I took the pictures after I had already used it, that's why it looks dirty cuz the surface is rigid)

The shade against my arm in shade 20 Beige.

The compact pops out.  I haven't seen any refills for this, but I'm guessing that's what they are planning on since they pop out.  Hopefully the refills aren't as expensive! :)

Direction says to apply with dry sponge only.

But I like applying this with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush ($18 for Core Collection - 4 brushes)( I looooooove this brush for buffing foundation... leaves it flawless!)

This super duper soft vegan friendly synthetic buffing brush is heaven for cream and liquid foundation.  I haven't done a comparison to the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush yet, but right now this is my favorite brush.  Great great price for awesome awesome quality.  Sorry going off topic... this will have to be another blog post. ^_^

Bottom line, I really like the Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact.  I've been looking for a foundation that was hydrating enough without making my face oily or the foundation moving around all over my face.  This compact also gives you a slight healthy glow (which I like).  You can always minimize the glow with powder.  If you are looking for something hydrating with great coverage, this is dreamy.  I think it's an awesome cream compact foundation.  But unless the refills are cheaper, I'd have to think twice about repurchasing this because of the price. 
Some Pros and Cons in my opinion...
- very hydrating
- water based formula
- not heavy
- buildable medium to full coverage: tip- You do have to becareful not to cake this on.  Make sure to blend well from center of your face to the outer.  Then build up the coverage if you need.  You don't want to look like you are wearing a mask.  :)
- looks very natural
- lasts all day- I was able to wear this to a lake and kayak and fish for about 6 hours in the sun  and it did not move all over my face or make it oily.  I was seriously quite surprised by the performance of this cream compact.
- very light and easy to blend
- chanel packaging rocks
- does not flash back in flash photography despite the SPF 15
- you can carry it with you easily.

- Pricey- it is $58.  It's probably the most expensive foundation I own.  Most of the Chanel liquid foundations don't go above $55 except for Chanel Lift Lumiere Firming and Smoothing ($65).
- Lack of shades- for some reason different shades are relased in different countries depending on the popular shades, demographic of that country.  In the US they only released 10.  Anyone who has ebony, darker skin cannot get the shade they need here in the US.

May 16, 2012

JOTD: Jewelries of the day!

This will be my first JOTD... Jewelries Of The Day! I was taking pictures to show my BFF what I wore today and decided to make a post out of it in case you are liking any of the pieces.  I've acquired most of these recently so you can still get them.

- Necklace (top left): Turquoise Necklace from H&M: $12.95 (I'm getting a lot of compliment on this piece)
- Ring (top right): Oxidized Wire Gold Rings from Etsy.  Heart and the Love rings are sold separately: Etsy- FabulousWire: $25 for both rings.
- Ring (bottom left): Flip Rose Gold Plated- Always Have Paris Ring from Jewelmint: Normally $29.99 (I bought mine for $12 shipped with 65% off code).  The ring also flips over and use the enamel/stone side.
- Bracelet (bottom right): Love Story Set Bracelet from Jewelmint: Trio heart bracelet in oxidized silver, 14K plated Gold, and Rose Gold Plated.  Set also comes with a heart ring (not pictured).
If you are interested in any of the Jewelmint pieces, use referral link here:
And put in one of these codes for 50% to 65% off your first Jewelmint Piece: JM11 or Member60

May 11, 2012

Ole Henriksen Skin Survey Winner!

Last week, I took a skin survey for Ole Henriksen and when you take the survey they enter you for a prize.  This week I found out I won! Woo hoo~ So they sent me $100 worth of Ole Henriksen's skincare products for my skin.  This week's been awesome! (I also won a trivia game with Ovation Cell Therapy, so I won 6 oz. size of shampoo, therapy, and conditioner!)

If you read my older post, you know that I've met Ole Henriksen at a Sephora event. (read my old post here)  Ole is seriously the nicest down to earth guy ever.  He still visits his spa often as it is his baby. :) 
At the event I was also able to get some deluxe size of his products and I've loved them all.  So I can't wait to try what they sent me!

Most of the products were for right for my skin- Dry!  I'm probably less sensitive and more dry. :)
Someone also wrote me a nice card.  I'm thinking it's Ole.  Cuz he seems like that kind of a guy. :)

They sent me New Beginning Scrub, Skin Insulator Creme SPF 15, Apricot Cleansing Lotion, Balancing Cucumber Face Tonic, and Clean Shave .  I'm so excited to try this out.  I've also been meaning to repurchase the Blue Black Enzyme Mask, cuz that was pretty awesome last time I used it.

I really like their color coordinating system for different skin types and the simplicity of their packaging.  You can buy their products through their website or

May 7, 2012

How to create Summery Striped Nails

Yesterday I posted a picture on my facebook page about my pink and white striped nails.  So as promised this is how to create that look.  Please excuse my dry cuticles and not so perfect lines. 

This is the skirt I inspired me to do this design.  Very summery... I like it.

Here's what you need: Base Coat, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, two color of your choice, tape, or guideline stickers.

1. Before you begin, prepare your tapes.  I had straight guide stickers (similar to french tip guide stickers), so I cut those in half. 
2. Apply base coat.
3. Apply the less opaque nail polish color first.  Choose the color you know you have to apply twice.  Apply two coats.  For me it was the white color.
4. Apply Dry Fast Top Coat.  You need to make sure this first color is completely dried so you don't mess it up when you apply the tape.
5. Apply the tapes as you wish like below.  And light coat of the second color.  For me this was pink.  This color was quite opaque.  (this guide stickers weren't so good. it kept on moving around. I may have to use regular tape next time) 
6. Let it dry, and carefully remove the tape.
7. Apply generous amount of Dry Fast Top Coat. 
Voila done!!!

Treating Adult/ Hormonal Acne

It's funny that I'm dealing with acne, pimple, zit, whatevever you want to call it in my 30s.  I had few pimples here and there during my teens, but it seems like my acne has gotten worse in the last couple of years.  I tried using different products, and it seemed like it would go away then come back about a month later, leave some scars, and go away.  So I've come to terms with the fact that it was hormonal/ menstrual related acne, since it was coming and going on a monthly basis.  I started taking mental notes about when the acne got worse and when it went away.  I've noticed that the acne, whiteheads started emerging about two weeks before my anticipated period.  And after that it'd clear up but still leaving scars.

I always thought there's no way to control or prevent this unless I took drugs- either birth control pills (which I can't take due to a scare awhile back) or antibiotics (which I refuse to take). 
So below are some products I've been using for the last two months in a strategic manner and it's been much more controllable.  I also did some research on hormonal acne, and things made much morse sense.  So if you are suffering from hormonal acne like me, hope this information helps.
And also, this is something that's been working for me.  You may have to try out some different products to find what works for you.  I think the number one thing for you to try is try to find what your patterns are and what you think may be causing the acne- oil, make-up, hygiene, allergies, etc...

My post will address hormonal/pre-menstral acne... Just a FYI: I have Combination Dry Skin with cystic type acne when it flairs on my cheeks. (bleh~)

Some information about hormonal acne....

Phase 1:  14 days Prior to your Menstral Cycle

I thought I start with the time when your hormones start to fluctuate and when you start to see the pimples appearing.  14 days prior to your menstral cycle, this is when you ovulate and your estrogen levels peak.  The hormonal fluctuations causes your skin to become more oily than usual.  This is what's causing the acne.
I think this is the most important stage to treat because you may have a chance to pre-treat and keep those acne at bay.

Products I use during this time: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control and/or Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Scrub, Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum, Philosophy Microdelivery Peel.

When I wash my face at night, I remove my makeup with my Shiseido Perfect Oil, then use my clarisonic with Philosophy Facewash to gently remove any other traces of makeup. Then I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control or Power-Scrub.  This doesn't remove makeup, so I use it as a quick mask like after I wash my face.  It's creamy and leaves a slightly minty feel to your face.  This product is great because eventhough it has salicylic acid, it has other ingredients to counter that and not dry out your face.  Then I put few drops of Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum and pat it into my face and finish off with a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin. 

In the morning, I wash my face with the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control and apply First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Moisturizer with SPF 30.

Also during the week, I will use the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel to give myself a light chemical peel to renew my skin and make sure oil won't get trapped underneath my dead skin cells.  When I do the peel, I skip the Skinceutical Blemish and Age Defense Serum as my face can be sensitive.

(You might think this is a lot of products or overwashing your face, but I made sure that this didn't dry out my face or irritated it.)

Phase 2: 7 days Prior to your Menstral Cycle

This is when when your estrogen level plummets and progesterone surge.  When your progesterone goes up, it also tends to close up your pores, giving no room for your skin to breathe. Your skin is at it's oiliest and you are more prone to acne flaring up.  Also due to the progesterone levels, the oil can build up beneath the surface, which can cause your acne to appear more cystic (the kind you can't squeeze!).

Products I use during this time: Tanda Zap, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control and/or Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Scrub, Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum.

My skincare regimen remains the same as Phase 1 except for the peel.  Instead, I may use a mud mask to dry up the extra oil during the week, but I do the same thing as Phase 1.   I also always carry around a Tanda Zap, which is a blue light acne treatment.  It is battery operated and the blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria and also opens the pores to expose the bacteria and kills the bacteria trapped underneath.  This works best when you feel the pimple emerging.  I use this right away, which is why I carry it with me in my purse.  This is quite tiny.  But you do need to replace the battery quite often.  This way you don't have pimple scars, and you are ensuring to kill the bacteria underneath. Ever since I got this, I don't ever use pimple creams or feel the need to pop any pimples which can cause long-term scarring.

Phase 3: Week of your Menstral Cycle

Your hormonal levels are at their lowest.  Your skin may appear dull and your acne is disappearing.  Your skin may need extra TLC (Tender Lovin' and Care) during this time.  You won't have to worry too much about the acne, but the aftermath of it. So perhaps something that can lighten your scars or dark spots.

Products I use during this time: Philosophy Microdelivery Peel, Hydrating Masks, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.
During this phase I return to my regular skin regimen, and will do the microdelivery peel once a week, and concentrate on really nourishing my skin.  I'll also try to hydrate my skin with hydrating masks such as Dr. Jaart Hydrogel mask, or masks from The Face Shop.  Then I'll follow up with a serum and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to really help hydrate.  This should help your skin look less dull.

Phase 4: Week after your Menstral Cycle

Your body is getting ready to ovulate again and your estrogen levels are beginning to rise.  Your skin is less dull and your acnes are starting to clear up.  You need to maintain and get your skin to prevent the break outs again.  This is probably the best time for your skin.  You look more radiant, your skin is looking acne free and may have few spots still healing.  But you must prep your skin for that week ahead.

Products I use during this time: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control and/or Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Scrub, Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum, Philosophy Microdelivery Peel.

I'm back to using the same products used during Phase 1.  Because you are getting back to preventing your skin from break out.  Gotta keep those pores clean!!!

As I mentioned before this is what I found to work for me.  Of course there are a lot of trial and errors but I think it's worth it once you find that correct formula that works for you.  And these are products I've used.  You don't have to use the exact ones I have used, or you may even find other brands that do the same thing.  Hope the explanation of your menstral cycle helps.  After I understood what my body was going through each week and what the hormones were doing to my face acne, I was able to control it a lot better.  I'm on the second month of this regimen and I had no cystic type acne on my cheeks.  Only 2 pimples this month. Yay!

If your acne isn't from hormonal, you may want to start investigating if any other factors may be causing it.  Here are some common problems:

-Not changing your towels often enough or your towels may not be drying fast enough in the atmosphere and may have a lot of bacterias. (also I always use separate facial towels from hands and body)
-Not changing your pillow cases.  You are putting your head on this thing and rubbing it with your face everyday.  I try to keep my hair product free and change pillow cases every week.
-Touching your face a lot.  Your hands are full of germs.  Keep anti-bacterial near your desk and use it frequently and don't touch your face!

I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask any questions!  Also it's easier for me to respond on my facebook page, so please feel free to ask or message me here.  Miloberry Blog Facebook

May 4, 2012

Sephora's Sun Safety Kit 2012

I love how Sephora always does Sephora's Favorites for makeup, perfumes and the Sephora's Sun Safety Kits.

I picked up Sephora's Sun Safety Kits 2012 for $30 (retail value $193.16).  It's 17 sun related products in sample size or deluxe size that you can try out.  I was totally sold by the train case it came in.  How cute is that packaging? 

The products included:
- 0.23 oz Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 PA+++
- 0.08 oz Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
- 0.25 oz Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 with Dermaxyl Complex
- 0.5 oz Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion SPF 30
- 0.5 oz Ole Henriksen Protect The Truth SPF 50+ Sunscreen
- 0.4 oz Philosophy Hope Oil-Free SPF 30
- 0.5 oz Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration SPF 15
- 2.5 oz St. Tropez Gradual Tan
- 0.33 oz Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++
- 0.33 oz Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body Cream Oil-free
- 0.5 oz Origins VitaZing SPF 15
- 0.33 oz Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
- 0.03 oz Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil and brush
- 0.169 oz Sephora Collection Age Defy Moisture Cream SPF 15
- 0.23 oz Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 PA +++
- 1 Kate Somerville Somerville 360° Face Self Tanning Pad
- 1 TanTowel Classic Self-Tan Towelette for Face & Body
- Bonus train case

I'm excited to try the Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth and the Dr. Jart BB Cream SPF 45 and the Shiseido SPF and Lotion SPF 60 and the TanTowel self-tan towlettes! 

Last year's Sun Safety Kit: They come up with this kit every year and I have to say it's much better than last year (then again it was $5 less last year).  This year's has 6 more products and it comes with the train case, which I can find myself using to store my makeup at home or traveling.

I think it's a great way to try out some of the sunscreens and self-tanners without having to commit.

May 2, 2012

Review: NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Place Vendome

I'm a big sucker for lip gloss.  Especially Nude/Pinky/Peachy Tones.  I've tried dark colors and they always make my lips look smaller (as if they weren't small enough already!).  I always wanted to flaunt a red lipstick/lipgloss, but it just doesn't work for me.  I was at Sephora last week returning something and this NARS Lipgloss caught my eye.  It was bright/fuscia red.  So I figured, why not try it on.  I try everything on at Sephora. :)  And it looked okay on me without minimizing my lips!  So I ended up loving it and bought it! And now I will show you this pretty lipgloss in action!

This lipgloss is a new type of lipgloss just released from NARS called Larger Than Life Lip Gloss.  I got it in color- Place Vendome ($26).  It's different from NARS regular lipgloss as it has much intense color with much more shine.  And this is true! 

Their product description reads:
Outrageously lustrous color meets serious shine in this NARS gloss. Its stay-in-place dramatic shade glides on smoothly and evenly for lips that are more luminous and voluminous than ever before. Long-lasting, high-shine hues are infused with ingredients that nourish and fight free radicals while natural lip enhancers pump up with volume. A new, shorter bristle brush delivers the most precise application possible. However you want to express yourself, Larger Than Life Lip Gloss says it boldly, brilliantly, and brazenly.

Please scroll down for my actual review (after the pictures).  Warning: Lots of lip pictures. ^_^

It has a tiny lip brush not a lip sponge.  I think it gives better precision around the lips since the color is so intense.

This is just one swatch on my lip.

Just that one swatch worked onto my lip.  At this point it just looks like a shiny lip tint.  It's pretty sheer.  I think it'd be pretty to just wear it like this.

I added another coat, and bam intense ultra shiny color with a bit of sheerness to it!

And the final look!

In conclusion, I am really liking this lipgloss.  Personally I can't wear it every day, but I have been wearing it a lot and it's been fun.  People really notice this lipgloss and I've been getting a lot of compliments. :)  And I'm glad I'm able to rock the darker/ vibrant lip color without wearing a lipstick or a lipliner and not minimizing my lip size.

-Ultra shiny but sheer at the same time.
-Makes your lips extra luscious
-Not sticky
-Great for ladies wanting to rock the red lips without being too much.
-No Fragrance/ or taste
-Lasting Power

-Price tag... bit hefty ... $26.... but I love it so much that I'd re-purchase.

Thinking about trying out some of their other colors out.  It comes in 9 other shades. :)