May 29, 2012

Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I know everyone complains that their eyelashes are not full enough, long enough, voluminous enough, stick straight, etc... but seriously, my eyelashes are non-existent and super short... as you will see in my bare, no eye makeup look below... so mascaras are very important to me.  So I try out from drug store brands to high end brands... and I try out most of the mascaras that are released in waterproof form.  However, till this day, Dior Show (original formula) is my all time favorite, holy grail status mascara.  No mascara will make my eyelashes stand out like Dior Show.

So today I will be reviewing Maybelline's newest mascara from the Volum' Express line- Mega Plush. [Please note: It's so new, you may not find it everywhere].  I was lucky enough to find them at my local CVS and Bed Bath and Beyond.  And also the thing about new mascaras is that they don't come out with the waterproof version at the beginning, but I was able to get my hands on one.  Apparently, this is not released everywhere just yet.  It's not even on Maybelline's (US) website. @.@  But you can find more info on Maybelline's (Canada) website here.

I purchased the Waterproof Blackest in Black.

Mega Plush Mascara is Maybelline's first gel-mousse mascara.  It claims to give massive volume with a supple touch.  Extra-soft, patented Flexor Brush caresses lashses.  Lashes never brittle or flaky.

For best results, Maybelline recommends to apply the Flexor Brush against the lashes and sweep from root to tip until a full plush look is achieved.  Do not let dry between coats.  Removes easily with soap and water.

I was very impressed by this mascara.  I guess I didn't expect much, but after using it couple of days, I'm liking it more and more.  It does exactly what it claims.  The gel-mousse formula allows the formula to coat on to your lashes without being brittle or flaky.  I could wear and actually touch my eyes without getting flakes all over my face and lasts all day.  And my eyelashes are flexible! Even when I take it off at night with cotton pad and eye makeup remover, I don't see any clumps or flakes on my cotton pad.  AMAZING! It's very natural looking.  If you are looking for fake, lengthening, voluminous mascara, this may or may not do what it's supposed to for you.  I feel like it does lengthen and add volume (see before and after pictures below), but not as much as others I've used (like Dior Show).  However, I really love the formula, the brush, and that it does not flake or clump!  Therefore, I'd have to give this one two thumbs up! A great every day mascara!  It does concern me that this formula may dry faster than other mascaras. But we will see.

Let's take a look at the packaging....

Close up of the brush... lots of bristles... and I did not notice any clumps.

Flexor Brush... so flexible it has a swivel like joint... and feels very bouncy....

Some before and after pictures...
I applied this at night before taking a shower, so I took my makeup off.  Pardon my icky skin....  I wanted to show you just the mascara so you can see the lashes better.

You could barely see my lashes. hahahah I curled them and still can't see! lol
Right eye
 Two coats is definitely better than one. :)

Left eye
 Left eye....

Sorry you had to see my eyes so closely... scary I know!  But this was only way to show you my lashes. lol

In conclusion, if you are looking for a semi- natural mascara, give this a go.  I'm loving it.  I actually have Volum Express Falsies that I had for two months, but I have put that aside for this mascara.  I'll have to review that one soon also.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey! :) thanks for reviewing this mascara!!!!! It looks really awesome! I have the Maybelline falsies and I really like it. In general, I think most Maybelline and Loreal mascaras are great! :) I am intrigued by the mousse-like formula =)