February 26, 2014

Review & Tutorial: Julep's Party's Over Glitter Gel Nail Polish Remover

Hello!!! I'm baaaacccck.... (maybe...?)
I'm back with a review of Julep's Party's Over Glitter (Gel) Nail Polish Removal Kit ($28 or $22.40 as Julep Maven, or I believe $19.99 as an monthly add-on).  If you are clueless as to what I'm talking about, I'll discuss down below.

I had gel nail polish on so I thought it'd be the perfect time to put these in to use and show you guys how it's done.  It really caught my eye because most of glitter and gel removal involves aluminum foil.  I've tried that in the nail salons and at home and I just don't dig it.  And these look so much cooler!

It comes with 10 finger nail caps which seems to be made of rubber/foam?  5 packets of nail polish remover infused pads (10 each).

So here are my gel nails before my removal.

The instructions in the back.  You open the packets and place each of the nail polish remover infused pads and cap it with the caps.

But first, you should file away some of your gel polish so the nail polish will remove the gel or glitter faster.

Then put the polish remover infused pads on your finger.
Tip:  You may need to kind of wrap it around your finger to keep it in place.  And put the cap on your finger.  There are two big ones for your thumbs.

You can tell the thumb is a little bigger.  Now keep it on for few minutes...

Check to see if the polish has separated from your nail bed.  If it has not, DO NOT force it off your nail bed.  It can take a layer off your nail bed.  Instead file more and put the pad and the cap back on.

If it has separated, it should like below.  Take a wedger or cuticle pusher and push the polish away from your hands and it should pop right off very easily.

And Voila!

My thoughts on the nail caps: I liked the nail caps a lot.  It saves me from using and cutting up foil and trying to wrap it back on to your hands after you check to see if your gel polish is coming off.  And the nail caps are totally reusable and washable.  Only bad thing is, I'm kind of SOL if I lose one. :(  I have to make sure to keep all of them in a bag.

Acetone, aloe-vera infused pads:  These suckers are definitely not strong enough for gel nail polish remover.  You definitely need something stronger like 100 % acetone.  I ended up soaking the pads in acetone for more efficient removal.  I have tried it with regular glitter polish and it worked a lot better, but I still prefer my good 'ol 100% cotton and acetone.  I still have 2 packets left, but I'll probably save those for when I'm traveling.

Pricing:  It is a little pricey.  But considering there aren't anything out there that looks like this, you are basically paying for the idea.  I have to give it to Julep tho.  They do come up with really cool ideas (like the Plie wands that are coming out in May!)

Overall:  I paid $19.99 as a monthly add-on.  I think it's totally worth it at low $20 something price.  Especially if you do a lot of glitter or gel polish AT HOME.  If you get them done professionally, then you won't need them.  For me it's worth it.  And I dig it!

If you are not a Julep Maven (which basically means you signed up as a member of Julep monthly program), you have to pay the full $28.00.  But if you want to sign up, you can sign up and get the first box FREE.  You can cancel at any time, but if you are just signing up, then you can only skip the monthly boxes every six month.  Before this change, you were able to skip at anytime.  I signed up early on when Julep just launched, so I can skip whenever I want.  But if you want this as your monthly add-on, it may be worth it to sign up and cancel later.  Monthly boxes are $19.99 with free shipping.  You get nail polishes to eye shadows, scrubs, lip gloss, eye liners, etc... And are all created by Julep!  It's a pretty cool program.  Go check it out.  Also I get referral points, so please use my referral link if you'd like.  No pressure! :)  And who wouldn't want to get a box for free right? Also I should add, since Julep is sold at Sephora Stores, maybe there's a chance it may hit the stores directly?  We shall find out.....

Referral link:  http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/22710/

And if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired nails.  Here's a close up!  I used the Nicole by Opi- Carrie Underwood collection in Carrie'd Away.  Super glittery and beautiful shade of gold.  It almost mimicks a gold gel polish!