January 10, 2012

Hello Kitty Ring ♥♥♥

For those of you know me, I love Hello Kitty Stuff!!!

Just saw this from one of the other bloggers ( I can't remember whose), I'll credit her later when I find out.... I usually don't like Hello Kitty Jewelry but this one is just too adorable!  And on sale for $22.40 at Sanrio.com!

That's hott! (Nails)

Mixture of Matt Black and Shiny! I'm gonna have to attempt this look!  It's hottttt~~~

One of my Favorite ♥ Pre-Cleanser: Shiseido Perfect Oil

It's been months since I posted anything related to beauty products.  Work has been non-stop and I had barely any time to breathe! And anytime I had left over I tried to use to wind down.  I'm gonna have to find a better system to update my blog.  (If anyone is still willing to read! hehe)

It's very important to wash off all your make up before you go to sleep.  And I just ran out of my favorite oil to remove my makeup- Shiseido Perfect Oil ($11.99).  You can buy this at any asian stores that sell asian toiletries.  I think it's the cheapest at Mitsuwa or Marukai.  I bought it at a korean market for $16.99 before. But why pay more!  It's made from Shiseido but it's the kind that they sell in Japan not the kind you buy at department stores here.  I guess they are marketed differently.

These are my steps for washing my face at night and removing makeup.
1. Remove Eye make up with Eye makeup remover (Clinique Take the Day Off)
2. Use 3-4 Pumps of Shiseido Perfect Oil and rub it between my hands and massage all over.
3. Wash off oil with luke warm water.
4. Use my Clarisonic to wash off the remaining make up.
5. From time to time I'll also use a gentle exfoliator.

I used to use facial tissue instead of my Shiseido Perfect Oil, and I found that the Perfect Oil melts away the make up way better than the tissue.  It's so important to take extra steps to make sure make up is completely off.  Sometimes rubbing just facial soap does not do it.  It still leaves traces of makeup that can clog your pores at night and also block all your night skin regimen from reaching inside your pores to rejuvenate over night.

Shiseido Perfect Oil is very soothing and water soluable! That means, when you wash it off with water, it does not repel and actually melts and washes off!  It also is great for removing eye make up as well.  I just prefer removing it with cotton pad and eye makeup remover, but if you want to do it all in one, this will do it.  I've recommended this to my friends and they absolutely love it!  I vowed to never buy facial tissues again! 

Hope everyone is having a great year so far!