July 14, 2011

Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream & Spring Renewal Kit

I'm not too picky about face creams, moisturizer whatever you want to call it.  I usually use different one every single time I run out.  I usually stick to Korean brands, as my mom buys it for me everytimes she goes to Korea.  And it usually lasts 6 months to a year.  But I really didn't like the one she got me last time.  It was for dry skin and as my face is combination and dry in other places other than the T-Zone, it was way too heavy.

And I never use just one moisturizer because it's never moisturizing enough.  So I always use a moisturizer and layer it with "Essence" or Serums or another moisturizer like Eucerin Q10 Lotion with Sensitive Skin with SPF 15.  But I didn't like how I had to wear SPF at night.

About a month ago, I was doing light chemical peel/ lactic/ salicyclic acid peel (at home chemical peel). for twice a week, so I can take off a layer off my skin.  When you are doing peels, it's very important that you moisturize and use sunscreen.  And after the peels, my skin was super sensitive.

I searched moisturizer for sensitive skin on Sephora and came up with this.  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($28).  It got great reviews, and Sephora only had 3 full size First Aid Beauty Products for $38 (retailing at $78).  So I opted for the Spring Renewal Package deal.  I believe on-line only has Summer Kit for $45 but stores might still carry the Spring Renewal Package.  And let me just say, I have found my moisturizer for life!  (Continue reading for my review)

 It comes with full size Ultra Repair Cream, full size Facial Radiance Pads, and full size Face Cleanser (All for $38).

Review of Ultra Repair Cream:

I think this is an awesome product.  (I bought travel size, and 5 in 1 Day Moisturizer too)
1. It's for all skin types, sensitive, dry, combination, oily.
2. It's super duper moisturizing without being heavy.
3. It's paraben free
4. A little goes a long long long way.  And the big tub will last forever (for only $28 each)
5. You can use this as a body moisturizer too. 
6. It relieves minor irritation and eczema.
7. And best of all, this product aborbs and melts in deep into your skin super fast.
8. It has built in Antioxidants!!!

I think this is the best moisurizer I have ever used.  I was sooooo impressed, I went out and bought another kit, because it was such a great deal.  And this moisturizer has helped me tremendously on keeping my skin moisturized during my chemical peeled sensitive face days.  It also relieved the irritations/sensitivity I was experiencing.  Also, I personally don't like using any face products with SPF at night (because it's completely unnecessary), and with this product, I can use it at day and night.  While this ultra repair cream is super moisturizing, it doesn't break me out, I actually think it has minimized the irritations and break outs.  It also is not oily, and does not make your face shiny.  I believe because it absorbs deeply into your skin instead of just sitting on top of your skin.  This product is not scented, but it does have a bit of minty/ medication smell.  I personally didn't mind it at all.  I highly recommend this product.  I'd almost like to say, "you are missing out".... kekeke

One thing I didn't like was the foil seal when I first opened it.  It would not budge, so I actually had to cut the foil seal open with a scissor and tried to clean it up as much as possible, but it wasn't easy.  First Aid Beauty, hopefully you have fixed this problem.   You see the messy foil seal that's still left on?

This is a nice creamy foamy rich cleanser.  And it compliments the FAB Ultra Repair Cream really well.  I particularly like using this when my skin feels a little sensitive and irritated.  I don't know how well it takes off makeup because I usually take off my makeup with other things before I even start washing with cleanser.  But this foams up very nicely and doesn't leave your face extra dry.

Review: First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads: $28

These pads are for exfoliating, toning and brightening your skin without any alcohol, and while other products can be more on the irritating side, this is specific for sensitive skin.  I was able to use it everyday in conjuction with the moisturizer and the foam cleanser and never felt irritation.  One side of the pad is a bit quilted for extra exfoliation, it also includes right amount of glycolic and lactic acid to help your skin exfoliate (in a chemical sense).  I use it to clean and exfoliate my neck area as well.  I personally could live without this product, but I do like using the whole entire kit.   There is really no scent, but there is a bit of some scent, a bit funky.... but not enough for you to notice.  My nose can smell stuff miles away, so I could be a bit sensitive.
Review: First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream (SPF 30): $38

After falling in love with First Aid Beauty's other product, I wanted a day moisturizer without having to slather on extra SPF on the days I work (which I rarely get any sun on my face) but also have enough to protect my skin while I'm driving to work.  So I picked up the 5 in 1.  I love this face cream.  It's just another version of the Ultra Repair Cream, but with SPF, and more liquidy.  It does it's job without being heavy. Doesn't make your face oily. I don't have to wear anything else other than this and eye cream for my skincare routine in the morning.  I usually mix this with my Philosophy Turbo C (Vitamin C) Powder.  I love it.  I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger. :(

I highly recommend all of these products because they moisturize really well without being heavy, it's good for sensitive skin, it absorbs fast, and the price on these are sooo affordable and reasonable.


  1. I'm totally going to go try the SPF lotion. I have really sensitive skin when it comes to stuff with spf in it. I can't even use Bare Minerals! And I've tried Eucerin's spf lotion and that still made me break out a little bit. So, I will try this!

  2. Wow all these sound like great products! Im really interested in at home facial chemical peels though! How do they work?!

  3. Grace- Definitely try it out. I really like that it has SPF 30 which is high enough for normal daily wear.

    suki pooki - I'll do a post on my at home peels. :)