January 17, 2013

CC Cream: The next BB Cream? Olay CC Cream Review

Everyone knows BB Cream was such a big phenomenon in Korea and other parts of Asia and has now made it's way to the US and now everyone and their mamas are making one (I don't think any of the non-Korean BB creams are what they claim to be, IMHO).  Pretty much all the makeup brands, even drugstores brands have one of their own (Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, Garnier, Revlon, etc...).

So what is next? CC Cream?  CC stands for Color Control, or Color Correct.  Honestly, I haven't heard a peep from the motherland (Korea) about CC Cream, but I have been seeing a slight buzz about the "NEXT BEST THING AFTER BB CREAM" is CC Cream in the magazines and the web.  I think the Westerners got pissed off about not creating BB Cream first... so now they are trying to beat anyone else to it! haha

I heard Oil of Olay had released their CC Cream, Total Effects 7 in 1 Tone Correcting Moisturizer with SPF 15 in three different shades and also Olay CC Cream- Total Effects Daily Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation.

 Picture from PG Estore

I found them at CVS for about $22.00 which isn't cheap.  But this was the CC Cream in the US, so I got it while CVS was giving back $10 for spending $30 on P&G Products, and I had loads of coupons. :)  Since I have been trying this out, thought I do a quick review for you guys.

Oil of Olay's Description:

This CC Cream provides instant coverage plus correction to fight 7 signs of aging, including uneven tone, age spots and dull skin.
  • This all-in-one triple stream formula combines a daily anti-aging moisturizer, SPF 15 sunscreen and sheer tint for younger-looking skin.
  • Instant skin perfecting coverage + correction to fight 7 signs of aging + UV protection
  • Total Effects fights 7 signs of aging: Fine lines and wrinkles: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Uneven Tone: Balances and helps even out tone. Age Spots: Reduces appearance of age spots. Gentle Exfoliation: Improves surface cell turnover. Dryness: Provides nourishing moisturization. Moisture Barrier: Strengthens skin s natural defense against moisture loss. Luminosity: Recaptures youthful luminosity

*FYI- Some of the older bottles don't have the "CC" on it, but it's still the same product.

Here's a little squeezed on my hand

And working onto my hand

And after


The consistency of this product was very liquidy even though it dispenses as a cream.  I guess it's because this product has skincare gel formula mixed in with the slight color cream.  Right off the bat I was able to tell this was going to be a sheer coverage and it was.  But I still thought let's not underestimate this "NEW CC Cream".  But as you can tell in the picture above, it has NO COVERAGE.  I have come to a conclusion that perhaps, this particular CC Cream was not meant to be heavy coverage like the BB Cream.  Which could be why Olay created the version with foundation added in.

This may help you in slightly masking the redness, but that is about it.  After using this for over a week, I have concluded that this is a skincare product, not cosmetic.  Unlike the BB Cream, which kind of is both.  Also, Olay's CC Cream was meant to be color correcting with length of time.  So you are not going to notice any difference instantly.  They claim, "instant skin perfecting coverage", but I did not notice any "perfecting" in my skin whatsoever.

I have debated whether to return this back to CVS, but I have noticed that it works well under my foundation, keeping my skin hydrated, and it does have added skincare benefits, so I decided to keep it and use it as a primer.

I have heard TheRaeviewer mention that she got her hands on Chanel CC Cream from Asia, and from the looks of it Chanel's version has much better coverage.

I cannot tell if CC Cream is going to be the next "BB Cream". Because I only have one brand to base this off of.  And I get the feeling each brand is going to do their own thing and call it a CC Cream.  But based off of Olay's version, I'm going to have to say no.  If I see a difference on my skin in the next couple of months, I will do an updated review, but I like my instant skin fixes that BB Cream can provide, and this Olay's CC Cream is not going to cut it.

I wouldn't recommend Olay's CC Cream, especially if you are looking for coverage. I wouldn't bother.  This was a total miss for me.

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  1. That is an interesting concept... CC cream. Weird! Every company these days has something like that now :p