January 14, 2013

Review & Swatches : YSL Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain

I know I have mentioned YSL Glossy Stain several times but I just never got around to writing a full review.  So finally, here it is!  I'm at home bedridden with a really bad cold.  So since I can lie in bed with my laptop, I thought I work on this long overdue post. :)

From the first time I heard of these to the first time I purchased my first YSL Glossy Stain, there was a long gap, cuz I just didn't think $32 was worth it for a lip product. But boyyyyyy was I wrong!!!

If you have not heard of the YSL Glossy Stain, this is the info from YSL.

WHAT IT IS: A revolutionary new lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain.

Coat your lips with this lip color that offers a lightweight texture, which immediately melts onto lips. Glossy Stain delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
The applicator's unique slanted tip and short soft bristles allow for flawless application with perfect precision.

I'm still kicking myself in the butt about why I took so long to get my first glossy stain.  It really is a revolutionary lip product.  It is nothing like I have used before.  Although now that these have been out for awhile, there a lot of dupes or alikes, like the L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain (Aqua Lacquer) and other lip stains.  However, I still don't think anything is better than the YSL Glossy Stain.
1. The richness of the colors are just lovely.
2. The color and the shine lasts all day.
3. It hydrating on your lips.
4. Did I mention it lasts all day? LOL
5. Not much of it transfers

It feels very wet and it smells like wine or a bit like grape juice.  I like to apply two layers of this.  The first layer, I like to apply a little bit and rub it and let the stain settle.  Then I'll apply a thick coat to really get the color and shine.  Ohhhhhh and it is just so beautiful.  And because of it's almost like jelly like texture, when you eat, the color doesn't come off.  Multiple times while wearing the red Glossy Stain (#9 Rouge Laque), people have asked the same question.  "How is your lip color not coming off after you've eaten?"  I didn't know other people noticed something like that, but even they were amazed.  Honestly, I can wear this through coffee, lunch, and afternoon and make it to dinner without re-applying and the color and shine will still remain.

I will mention that depending on the color you may choose (the darker colors especially), the color can get darker as it stains.  This is the only downside....  I'd recommend trying out the colors first and wait at least 10 minutes before determining the actual colors.  I have returned 2 of my glossy stains because the colors changed on me after I have applied.  For example, I bought #10, Rouge Philtre which was supposed to be true red color.  After 10 minutes I have noticed that the lines on my lips had turned darker and darker.  Then it turned into a really dark almost vampy red.  Which I did not like.  You can see the picture below.  Top is right after application and the bottom is about 10 minutes later.  You can see the change in color.  This is in comparison to #9, Rouge Laque which does not change color.

I now proudly own 4 Glossy Stains. #29, Rouge Forreau (one of the newest colors released recently).  This is the only color that is more "natural looking".  The other three I own are quite bold.  Honestly I think Glossy Stains are the best for dark, colorful shades since dark colors are hard to manage, but due to the staying power, YSL glossy stains are god send.
Because this color isn't as bold, it's also not as shiny.

With flash (please excuse the black dot smack middle of my lips) This is after I ate, and I obviously left something behind. >.<

#26, Poupre Preview.  This is a slightly purplish pink.  This one turns darker in time to a purplish wine color.  This is my second favorite color!
Without flash

With flash

#12, Coril Fauve.  This is coral, reddish color.  It's not an opaque color.  It's very sheer but shiny.  This one does settle into your lips, but not really visible to the naked eye.  This is a very zoomed picture.  I promise you.
Without flash

With flash

#9, Rouge Laque.  This is an opaque slightly coral red.  This is my favorite! When you want to wear red, this is so easy to wear, very flattering to different skin tones, and maintenance free.  And just beautiful.  I wear this one a lot.  If you saw my new year's eve picture on facebook, this is what I was wearing. :)
Without flash

With flash

I think I have all the colors I want from YSL.  I'm happy with the 4 colors I have.  But if they come out with more I'd definitely keep my eye out for them.  And I'd definitely repurchase these.  These Glossy Stains have made me have faith in colorful lip colors that I used to dread, because they are so hard to manage.  Glossy Stain is definitely a game changer! I love Glossy Stain!!!

I also did a post of the L'Oreal Colour Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer aka Wet Stains aka Shine Stains back in Christmas. I'm not quite sure of the official name yet. :)  I'll do a full review on that and do a comparison of both of these products.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013! 

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