December 22, 2012

FOUND! L'Oreal Caresse Aqua Lacquer Shine Stain (YSL glossy stain dupe)

I had to do a quick post from my phone cuz I got super excited when I spotted these!

As you may know, L'Oreal owns YSL. I heard that L'Oreal released their version of glossy stain in Paris, France couple months ago and I have been waiting for their release in the US, which I wasn't expecting till next year spring. But while perusing at Walmart I found L'Oreal Colour Caresse Aqua Lacquer for $7.97 ( compared to YSL $32)!

I grabbed 4 to test them out. So far they smell very similar to YSL glossy stain. It has the wine grape smell. I put them on right after purchasing it. So far the staying power is good.

I wiped the swatch off and the stain remained! (See last picture)

I can't wait to test and try out all the different colors!!!!

I'm so excited!!! It's like a Christmas present!!! Hahaha

Happy Holidays everyone!!!! ❤


  1. Which colors are these and which order are they swatched in? I have two (the Lilac one and Pink Resistance and have found that bother get considerably darker 1-5 minutes after I put them on. I'm not sure I like that. Did you notice that happening to you?

  2. I will do full extensive review on these, but it's swatched in this order.
    Endless red (#190), Berry Persistent (#186), Coral Tattoo (#188) and Rose On and On (#183). Yeah all these "glossy stain" are meant to stain, so they do turn darker once it settles into your skin and interacts with your lips. YSL ones do that too, well some of them... I'm working on the YSL glossy stain reviews and swatches, so stay tuned! :)