December 11, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I always prefer putting on my nail polishes rather than these new nail polish strips that have been quite popular lately.  The upside to the nail polish strips is that there is absolutely no drying time and that you get to wear funky nail designs that you wouldn't be able to draw on your nails yourself.

When Sephora was having sales on older nail polish stickers/strips I was able to pick couple of them up for $3 each.  And when I tried those, they were actual stickers and my nails felt weird and restricted.  And the stickers were quite thick so it kept snagging on my hair, and sweaters.  I absolutely hated them and ended up taking them off after 2 or 3 days.

But I never tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  And I was thinking they have to be the same as the Sephora ones.  Also they retail for $8.99 to $10.99 each for 16 strips and I didn't want to spend that much on them.  I was browsing through TJ Maxx during Thanksgiving and I actually found a nice design for $3.99, so I thought I give them a try.

I found the design I Love Lacey which is a red background with black laces as the design.  I thought it was hott and worth trying for $3.99.

It comes with:
- 2 packs of 8 strips in each.  One pack is for each side of your hands.
- wooden stick to push back your cuticles
- small nail file
- and instructions

When you open the package there is a strong chemical nail polish smell.  Once you open these, you cannot store them away to use later.  You should find the size that fits your nails, take the clear plastic off the top and white sticker from the back and place them on your nails.  You are going to find that none of them will fit your nails perfectly, but thats okay!  I suggest using bigger size rather than a smaller size.  Then I used the cuticle stick to get it to adhere and take off the excess.  That way your nails are completely covered.  Also what I noticed about these nail polish strips were that they were much much thinner than the Sephora ones.  They are thin, stretchy and much more moldable.  After the application, you fold down the excess at the ends and you can file them off.  Then you are done!  If you are not use to putting these on, it can take as much time as applying regular nail polish and waiting for them to dry.

The best part was that the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips did not snag on my hair, clothes or anything!  They lasted over a week without any of them wearing off except the ends of the nails.  I actually took them off before it was ruined.  And you can remove them with regular nail polish remover.

All in all, I actually really liked these.  They have variety of designs, and they lasted well and they weren't annoying like the Sephora ones.  I'm really glad I gave them a try and I will definitely be trying them again.  I highly recommend these!!!!

For some tips, if you wanted to get multiple use of these, then try alternating on some of the nails with one package and applying regular nail polish to the ones you did not apply the nail strips.  Then save the other pack UNOPENED for later use.

Also as I mentioned above, apply the strips that are bigger rather than smaller for your nails.  Personally I don't like my nail bed showing.  And these were thin enough to just cleaning them up with the cuticle pusher.

Have you tried nail strips?

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