December 3, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Infallible 8 Hour Le Gloss

Hello all!  I can't believe it's December already! So many things going on including my birthday!!!

I wanted to do a quick post on L'Oreal Infallible 8 Hour Le Glosses I got awhile back.  I have been really into drugstore makeup lately.  L'Oreal also owns YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), and a lot of the times you see a cross over or similarities between the brands, so I thought I give these lip glosses a try.  And I got three of the new formulated colors (it'll say "new color" or "nouveau" on the handle).

It comes with a doe-foot applicator with a pointy end at the top which is very similar to YSL Glossy Stain, but Infallible Le Gloss was less sturdier, but still gave you enough control to apply precisely.

I got three different colors- a classic red, pink, and deep plum color.
Classic Red - #320, Red Fatale
Pink - #140, Pink Topaz
Dee Plum - #240, Glistening Berry

Swatches on a piece of paper (which showed up better than on my lips or hands)

Swatches on my arm (without flash)

Swatches on my arm (with flash)

The formula is on the thicker side.  But understandable since these are supposed to last you for 8 hours.  It's not too sticky. After an hour or two, if you keep rubbing your lips together, it does form this strange film that looks sticky.... so the formula seem to change in time.  It does have slight scent, but didn't bother me too much. 

Red Fatale, #320 was very opaque, and super shiny.  This was my favorite color of the three I bought.  It can be worn completely alone and hide your natural lip color.

Pink Topaz, #140 was very sheer, and I had to apply 3 layers just to achieve this color worn here.  It had iridescent shimmer, the rainbowish color that looks different from different angles.  It was quite shimmery with flash.  But this definitely needs to be worn over something else, like a pink lipstick.  As you can see, even with 3 layers, the color is very uneven.

Glistening Berry, #240 was also sheer.  Less sheer than Pink Topaz, but again definitely needs to be worn over lipstick.  I was hoping this was going to a deep plum, berry color, but it wasn't the case. It was more deeper pink on the lips. This also had shimmer in it.  This looked slightly darker than the Pink Topaz, but very similar.

It didn't last quite 8 hours, and I kept wanting to take it off to reapply because it does transfer, and in an hour or two, the formula seemed to change and didn't feel stickier, but when you kept rubbing your lips together, it formed a slight layer.

Overall, for $7.99 ( at Harmon inside of Bed Bath & Beyond, and for me it was about $5 each with coupons) it is a good lipgloss.  But I wouldn't say it's my favorite.  Also it also depends on the color.  And as it claims for the 8 hours, I don't think it really last 8 hours since it transfers so much.  I think the Red Fatale is gorgeous, so I may wear that again, but I'd have to be careful how I eat, and drink or touch stuff, since this pigmented lip gloss can end up everywhere!  I have been loving YSL glossy stain, and I find myself comparing all lip products to that (review coming up next), so these were good, but I don't see myself buying anymore of these.

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