March 29, 2011

Review: Honeyberry’s Roti Bun

Apparently this Roti Bun is the hot new trend in snacks from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore… and now it has arrived in Santa Clara.  I’m quite surprised that it has not hailed to Los Angeles or Koreatown!

Whatever the case, I was hearing about Roti Buns everywhere on facebook from my Nor Cal friends!  They were raving about how good it was and how it went so well with their hot milk tea, and coffee.  I don’t know how many places sell Roti Bun, but currently, it’s selling out of a Yogurt, Ice Cream, Dessert place called Honeyberry.  (OMG, how cute is the name? hahaha) Funny cuz, Milo’s mom’s name is Honey!

Luckily, my BFF lives in Northern California and was coming down to visit, so I asked her to bring me some.  She warned me that it might ruin my experience since it’s best when it’s fresh. I didn’t care.  I wanted it NOW! more like YESTERDAY! hahaha

It came in this cute little box, wrapped individually.  She brought me two of each kinds.  Regular (no filling), Cream Cheese , and Chocolate.  When I first looked at these buns… my initial thoughts were… “this is it, this funky looking bun is what people are raving about?  It doesn’t even look that yummy!”

It kind of reminded me of Bearded Papa’s.  The box had instructions on how to heat it up.

First I ate the regular one without heating it up.  The top layer had this sugary crisp with a slight hint of coffee taste and the middle was what seemed to be like a regular bread with little bit of sweetness.    At first bite, I didn’t think it was a big deal…but next thing I knew, I finished the whole bun and I was ready for more!!! I’m such a sucker…

(On a side note:  If you think, I love everything, it’s not really true… I only happened to write about things I love on the blog… I should probably put some negative reviews…just so you know… kekekek)

So 5 minutes later, I moved on to the next bun.  This time Cream Cheese.  I placed this one in the Oven as it stated on the box.  Pre-heated the oven to 300 degrees and placed it in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes.  The outside was toasty crisp and the middle was quite fluffy right out of the oven! The cream cheese tasted more like peanut butter from one of the Korean pastries… very light… The inside was slightly filled with the cream cheese, which I liked.

Another 30 minutes later, I got hungry again, so I decided to try the Chocolate Filling, but decided to just microwave it.  I microwaved it for 20 seconds.  It fluffed up the Bun!  The Chocolate Filling wasn’t a lot either and this one was also very yummy.

That weekend, I finished all 6 ALLLLL BYYYY MYSELF!

This light, slightly crispy, fluffy Bun is Fabulous!  I give it two thumbs up!!!
If you live near the area, or if you are gonna be in the area, GO TRY IT! I highly recommend it.  However, I have to warn you, you may be addicted!  I’m craving it just thinking about it!
I’m going up north this weekend, so I’ll finally be able to enjoy the fresh Roti Bun!  Can’t wait!

3488 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: (408) 985-9555
Hours: 11am- 11pm

They have multiple locations up north. So check your yelp listings!


  1. Seriously. If only I could find the correct recipe!

  2. You don't have to go to NoCal... these delightful roti buns are in Los Angeles' Japanese Village Plaza. Try Cafe Dulce - it's fabulous with other items like Green Tea Donuts, bacon maple donuts, roti buns and more... their barista makes the best coffee drinks in L.A.!

    1. Cool! Thanks for the recs!
      I actually saw some in Garden Grove at a Korean Bakery- Tous Le Jour.... didn't get to try any cuz they were out, but looked pretty promising! I'll try out Cafe Dulce! Thank you! ♥ And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Just tried one yesterday in Santa Clara - awesome - loved it!