March 7, 2011

Bad Hair Day fix: messy side french braid

I've been talking a lot about makeup and skin care on here but not much about hair... So I'm blogging about my nasty hair day I'm havin today.

Today, my bangs were messed up and I was not in the mood to fix my hair this morning. On days like this I usually put it up in a bun, but didn't want to do that either.  So I remembered watching a YouTube video awhile back about braiding hair, so I've decided to give it a shot.

This is what it looked like. It's a messy, and very easy look. But at the same time it looks like I did something to my hair! ^_^

So to achieve this look...

1. You need some texture for this so if you just woke up, don't brush it. Hahaha or if you must, brush your hair upside down.
2. Part your hair and put all your hair where your braid is going to be. I like to pick my good side. ( you know everyone has a good and bad side!)
3. Grab part of your bangs and some of your hair, about 3-4 inches of your hair and star French braiding to the side of your head. But very loosely. Remember to grab hair all the way from the other side!!!
Then once you reach the nape of your neck or you are done grabbing all the hair just do a regular braid all the way down.
4. If you feel you braided it too tight, loosen it by grabbing both side of the braid and pulling it apart. This will definitely loosen the braid.
5. Then hair spray or pin or do whatever you feel necessary.

VOILA! bad hair day fixed!

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  1. wow nice! i didn't even know you were having a bad hairday! it looks great!