March 3, 2011

Random Ramblings...

First of all, I really didn't realize it takes a lot of prep to just one post...  I give props to all the great bloggers out there!  Seriously, you have to make sure you have pictures, links, and research all done before you can post.  Goodness... so that was my excuse for not blogging as often as I should... well that and I've been quite busy lately!

Anyhow.... on to my random ramblings for today.  There's been so many things I've been wanting to write about... but haven't had the time, so I've decided to do a mixed post about little posts that I can get out of the way so I can work on my big posts later. :)
Here we go....

1. I just want to say, my skin's been feeling muchO FABULOSO lately!!! Like this morning, I felt my face after washing it, and it felt sooooooo awesome! So soft! and I can feel my skin is breathing and so ALIVE and Radiant!!!! I may sound crazy to you, but that's how my skin and I truly felt.  And my skin has not felt like that in a REALLY REALLY LONG LONG LONG ASSS TIME!  Especially after left side of my face was breaking out non stop leaving bumpy red scars for over a month now....

So got me thinking.... why is this happening? I haven't really been doing anything different lately... then I remembered I have added two different steps to my skin regimen.

Remember I've been using Philosophy Turbo C Booster Powder?  And my mom got me this mask/cleanser/exfoliator from Korea called Oseque Oxygen Mask (It was stashed away, and I found it recently cleaning, so decided to use it... why not....)
You already know about the Turbo C Booster Powder.
So let me talk about the Oseque Oxygen Mask.

It's in a gel form.  You use it to remove make up by putting 5-6 pumps of these goodies on your DRY face and letting it sit till the foam starts to form (it forms automatically) then you start to feel tingly feeling on your face.  It tickled at first and funny, but this step supposedly is supplying oxygen to my pores.  It really did feel that way!  Then you massage your face and wash it off.  Then voila... 3 in one!
I wasn't sure if it was really working, but I'm starting to think this is what is making me feel FANTASTIC!  Also... I think the Turbo C Booster Powder has really helped in lightening my pimple scars.  The scar has almost all diminished.... But maybe it's also mixture of both of those new products!  I don't care... I'm in HEAVEN!!!  My make up felt and looked really good cuz of it! ^_^

2. My current obsession... The Body Shop Pink GrapeFruit Body Butter  ($6 for mini size)

This smells heavenly! I love it! And it's Body Butter- it's great for really dry skin!  It melts right into your skin.  But forget all that, the scent alone is AWESOME!  I'd recommend the mini size cuz it's only $6 (or 2 for $10) and they last forever and tend to change scents, if you don't use it up. And easy to carry in your bags.  The big one is a tub size! Might be too big.

(Do you like my nails?) ^__^

3. Spring Colors...

It's been really cold here in So. Cal but I feel like March is supposed to be spring!  So I've been adding coral, pinkish items to my usually dark wardrobes.  Usually scarf does the job.

In addition, I've painted my OWN nails as you can see above.  Let me just tell you, I know how to do my own makeup and hair... but one thing I can't do is paint my nails!!! So for me to do this at home, I was desperate!  I had no time to stop by my nail lady... so was forced to do it on my own before heading to my long time friend's bachelorette party.

I took off my old nail color, cut my nails, filed it, then washed my hand with moisturizing soap and scraped off the nastiness on my nails with my nails.  This makes the new coat of nails much fresher without adding all the bumpiness to your new set of nail color. Then base, color, second coat, top coat. 
TIP: Make sure you start from outside in.  This means, start with pinky and work towards your thumb.  This is so you don't mess up your other nails that you've done.  Try it and you'll know what I mean.

I picked two colors and mixed it together to get the peachy coral color.  I first tried mixing it on my napkin to see what it might look like.  It obviously dries a lot faster on paper than your nails, so it's much faster to see the results if you are mixing.

I used The Face Shop Pink Color and old orangy glitter color from Beauty Credit (they used to have on in the States at Beverly Center... but not anymore)

After my base coat, and two coats of pink, then two light coats of the orange glitter, I wanted to add a little more BAM to my nails, so I added jewels to both of my ring fingers. 

For sticker type jewels for your nails, you can use your tweezers and gently place them where you want it, then tap on the jewels, to make sure it's on there.  You want to do this step while your nails are not completely dried, so it adhere better.  If you are using the individual jewels (like you see at your nail place) use a dab of clear coat on a tooth pick to pick up the jewel and place it where you need it.  Then make sure you put a clear top coat!

So there's my spring nail color! Not too shabby! ^__^

I could have sworn I had more to write... but can't remember now... I promise I'll write more useful stuff more often! :)


  1. haha - i love the picture of you holding the body butter. love the nails!

  2. my nails match the body butter container! ^__^