February 25, 2011

My visit to The Face Shop: Lookie what I found!!!

I had some time to kill while Milo was getting groomed, so I decided to visit The Face Shop.
I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I figure why not check out what’s new.

There were quite a bit of new items, I wanted to try.  I may be a product junkie, but a reasonable one.  I’ll try to use up what I have before moving on to the next, unless the product is horrible! hahah  I definitely want to try out their stem cell skincare line next time.  I’m sure it’s not like the $250 treatment at BHPS, but it sounds great!

So this is what I came back with from the store.

I was in search for some foundation that had that glow to it, so I found the Face Shop’s new line (that I hear is quite popular right now).  It’s called Face & it (Radiance) line. 

I already have their loose powder.  Radiance means that it has a bit of shimmer to it.  It’s barely noticeable at the same time it gives you the glowy, randiant look.  I really liked the powder, so I was very excited to try the foundation.  I don’t quite know what is up with Korean Makeup, but for whatever reason, it always comes in ONLY TWO COLORS.  Number 21 = Light Beige, and Number 23 = Medium Beige.  But strangely, both of them usually fit me.  21 for the winter and 23 for summer.  So I got 23.  Cuz I always look ghostly white, so why not go for the tanned/ glowy look.  hahaha

Review: I like the packaging, it’s got spf, and it was only $20!
So after trying it on the next day, I must say, I’m so not used to wearing foundation.  It was quite thick, but that’s probably cuz I’m used to wearing tinted moisturizers and only BB Creams.  (btw, the Face & it also has the BB Creams).  But overall, it was a good foundation.  Barely any shimmer.  It has a pump, easy to pump out.  It’s very liquidy, but covers really well.  I was able to cover up my dark undereye circles!  I’m definitely not going to use a lot of it next time.  Cuz I don’t need that much coverage all over my face. And it blended into the skin beautifully.  (Tip: Don't ever cake on makeup or buy makeup that just sits on top of your skin, they make you look older!!!)

I also purchased Floral Radiance Primer Glow Skin.  It has the function of whitening skin, fights wrinkles and adds soft iridescence.  The description says: Complexion correcting foundation primer with skin caring benefits- brightens and reduces wrinkles while adding a healthy glow.  Dewy skin formula with micro shimmer gives your skin a lit from within luminance. (is it me, or does this sound a lil fobby?)

After I rubbed it in... do you see it glowing? kekeke

Review: I like it!  It definitely gives that micro shimmer, glowy, dewy look!  And it kept my foundation put all day.  Two thumbs up!!!  I think it might be great just to wear this alone, on a day you don’t feel like putting on make up.  Or  even under your bb cream for more natural look.

For my lips, I purchased the Cushion Touch Jelly Tint in Orange. This one was $7 or was it $9?  I forgot already.  It has a clear lip brush/ a bit stiff like a mini spatula.

Anyhow, it goes on very clear with a hint of orange.  But of course, if you have red/pink lips naturally like me, it’ll come out with more color.  See lips below. ^_^ 

Review: I love this jelly tint lip gloss!  It definitely adds a bit of padding when you put it on, which creates a thicker fuller lips!  I have very thin upper lip, but as you can see in the picture, they actually look full!!! I love it!!!

Last but not least…. drum roll…… a Nail Dry Cover ($6) for pack of 10.  I think this is one of those coolest inventions!!!

You slip these freaky looking things on while your nails dry.  It has a cover over the top of your nails (but with enough room so it won’t touch) and very easy to slip on and off without ruining your nails!!!  I was amazed when I found it.  I asked the sales girl if it really works, and she said she’s been using them and works great.  Obviously, you can’t put this on to go work out or to wash your dishes, but I think it’ll definitely help you from getting knicks and scratches on your fresh coat of nail polish.
Review:  I only slipped them on to try, and haven’t put it to a real test, but I put them on to put my clothes on and off and I could tell that it’d work.  If it doesn’t really work, I’ll let yall know!
(sorry, my nails are gross here)

So with these purchases, I had $5 credit from the points I earned previously! And they said I qualify for free masks valued at $8!  I personally have a lot of those sheet masks in all sorts of functions and fruits that my mom gets me from Korea and my last visit to Korea.  So I asked if I could get anything different, and she gave me these new kinds of treatment masks.  Oh yeah, she also threw in mini-lipgloss and few bb creams and foundation to try.

The mask treatments come in pack of 4s (I qualified to get two) and usually these costs $4 for pack of 4.  It’s called Kiwi Yogurt Pack.  It helps with dehydrated skin and sooths your face.
I put these babies to test the same day.  OMG!!! It smelled so yummy I almost wanted to eat it!!! But as it said in the warning, DO NOT EAT!!!  hahaha

This is what it looks like when you open one little square.

When it’s rubbed into the skin

I put these on after I washed my face and massaged it on evenly, and I had so much left over!!! The sales girl told me it’s great for putting on your body too, so I rubbed it on all over my neck area (gotta take care our necks too! that’s where you can’t hide your age besides your hands). Initially, it felt a bit tingly, like this mask was penetrating into my skin to do whatever it’s supposed to do.  After 10 minutes I washed it off with warm water.

Review:  My skin felt very soft and hydrated after washing it off.  Felt like my skin was replenished with moisture!  I like this mask and I’ll try it again after I go through these!

If you live in Northern or Southern California, you can pick up these items at The Face Shop.  Outside the area, you might have to try ebay.

Northern California (Santa Clara)
3561 El Camino Real, Ste 95
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Southern California (Koreatown- Los Angeles)
Inside of City Plaza (2nd Floor)
3500 W 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90006

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
For those in California, please drive safely, and stay warm! This weekend is going to be 36 degrees at night and raining! Burrrrrrrr


  1. i love your blog, unnie! you're so cute! hehe.

  2. Thanks for the tips, advice and suggestions. I was looking for the face shop because I liked their Nature Garden cleansing soaps but didn't know where to find it. ( I had ordered it online in the past and they no longer do internet sales, it seems, so I would have to go to a shop to get the soaps).