February 8, 2011

My visit to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery (no surgery, just facial)

Last time I came to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery (also known as BHPS) was back in April 2010.  I was begged by a friend's girlfriend to be a "facial model" for a segment they were shooting.  I was never into facials but I went as a favor to my friend's girlfriend.  I ended up getting nice perks on top of the free facial I received ( I think it was well over $1000 worth of facial).  And BHPS also gave me a free gift certificate for being a facial model.  Score!

Well I redeemed it this past weekend for a nice MediSpa Facial.  MediSpa Facial is different from regular Facials cuz everything they use is Medical Grade. 

I arrived and filled out a form about my skin concerns, etc... Lately, my concerns been breaking out a lot on the left side of my face about one week before my menstrual cycle...  and it has been leaving dark brown spots for months!  People usually tell me I have nice skin, but I don't know what they are talking about.... I knew I wasn't going to see miracles from one facial, but I remember getting a lot of compliments on my skin last time I was there.

Everyone at BHPS is super friendly and very professional.  They asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink... Eat? What could they possibly offer me?  They offered cookies, cranberry juice, water, tea, or coffee. 

The Facial- Dehydrated Skin? What????

 My esthetician was Pearl, who was the same person who did my facial while shooting the segment.  She didn't recognize me, but she was happy to see me again.  She first took me to a room with more cookies and fruits. (Yummm!) While she was getting the facial room ready, she said enjoy the cookies, water, whatever was in the room, and said she'd be right back with my cranberry juice.  As I waited, I did have a cookie.  It was an Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie.  I did not regret having that cookie!!!  Soon Pearl returned with my juice.  Then she talked to me about my concerns and what type facial I was looking for.  I said whatever you think my face needs.  So she put me in this almost photobooth type machine to examine my skin (see picture below- the machine on the top right corner).  In that machine, it was dark with almost like UV lighting in it.  There was a mirror below to see what she was seeing.  My face was completely purple with my eyes and teeth had green light to it.  I looked scary.  She told me the purple meant, my face was dehydrated!  I was shocked. 

I always thought I had combination skin and never thought it was dry.  Apparently, Dehydrated Skin is a Condition.  Combination, Dry, Oily Skin is a Type of Skin.  My Skin was dehydrated within... underneath all the layers.  Some of the causes are eating too much salty food, smoking and not drinking enough water, or my face not taking in, and retaining the moisture.  So she recommended the Diamond Tip MicroDermabrasion.  It is non-invasive and it will get rid of old skin and possibly some scars.  When the machine is on, you almost feel like you are at the dentist with the drill right on your face.  But I assure you, it does not hurt AT ALL!!! After she's done, it was followed by Oxygen Mask, and low frequency laser (?) to zap away the bacteria in the acnes.  The low frequency laser did not hurt either.  Pearl applied some SkinCeutical Products on my face and recommended the Sunscreen, LHA Cleansing Gel, and Retinol.  But Pearl did not try to sell me anything... she gave me the prices (which were very affordable) and she gave me some samples of the LHA Cleansing Gel and Retinol for me to try at home.  Pearl also recommended that I use Vitamin C in the mornings for my face.  This creates a protective layer to protect my skin from the sun and sun damages, and it helps my face stay hydrated.  (See below for my findings on Vitamin C.)

The Aftermath...
You'd think after all of that, my face will be red and splotchy! But it was not.  Just looked like my regular icky no make up face. :P  My pimple scars definitely looked lighter and my face felt much softer.  Two days later, when I was applying make up, it felt like the make up was absorbing to my skin better and making it look glowier.  I was satisfied and I highly recommend the MediSpa over regular Spas.  The treatments here costs about the same as regular spa facials.  So why not get the best?  Plus, Pearl is way too awesome!!!! She'll definitely be my go to Esthetician!!!!  She even e-mailed me today to check up on me.  That is so sweet of her!!! 

I highly recommend Pearl and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc.  They are professional and can't compliment Pearl enough.  I also really liked the fact that none of them tried to push me to buy or try things that are super expensive.  I also want to recommend the cyto stem cell facial/ treatment.  I got this done last time.  One treatment is $250, but you can add it on to another facial for $70 or $120 (there are two different kinds).  This makes your skin look plump cuz it's full of collagen and human dna that is found in healthy skin already.  I think it'd be great for brides or for someone getting ready for a special day.  I know for a fact the stem cell facial made a big difference last time. 

My Trials...

Vitamin C:  Philosphy Turbo C Booster Powder: $35 (Amazon) or at Sephora

 I looked into Vitamin C for my face and powder form is the best way to go.  Vitamin C goes bad very quickly and can get very expensive.  But this powder form is in the most stable, purest form (99.8%) and does not go bad unless you mix it.  It's gotten AWESOME reviews from Amazon and Sephora.  I think it's going to be life changing.  You can mix it with any of your moisturizers or sunscreen.  I've ordered mine from Amazon the other day and it's gonna be here tomorrow!  I can't wait!!!! I haven't used it but I'm telling my friends about it already!

SkinCeuticals: LHA Gel Cleanser: $36 @Amazon 
 Product description: Looking for a cleanser that does more than just remove dirt and oil? SkinCeuticals Biomedic LHA Cleansing Gel uses an LHA, AHA, and BHA combination of ingredients to decongest each pore, while gently exfoliating the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores. It also clears and prevents acne breakouts and controls excess oil production....

 Pearl gave me a sample to last me a week.  I'm on day 3.  It doesn't create a lot of foam, but it does feel great.  It doesn't tingle, but it feels like you have mint on your face even after you washed it off.  It's gotta be doing something right?  I'm supposed to report back to Pearl after the week.  So got couple more days....

 I've been looking into this SkinCeutical products and I'm really liking the reviews I'm seeing about this stuff.  It's not your typical skin care products.  But I have to try them out to see...

 SkinCeuticals: Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50: $26 (@Amazon)

I've been searching for the right sunscreen cuz I still get sun spots and I don't want to fork out gazillion dollars for laser treatments.  It expensive!!! (I got mine done in Korea for $150, but in the US about $3000 for 6 series of treatments.)  I found that some are too greasy, doesn't work well with makeup, it runs when you sweat, or it doesn't have strong enough UVA, blah blah blah...
Pearl told me that if I need a good sunscreen, go with sunscreens with Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide.  She tells me it's the best kind of sunscreen that'll give you the best protection.  I've done my share of research, but I still don't get sunscreen.  But I think I'm going to give this one a shot.


  1. I need a recommendation for my skin type. =)

  2. You have dry skin right? You probably need moisturizing cream not regular lotion.