February 23, 2011

Confessions of a Product Junkie

What kind of problems does a product junkie have?  Major overcrowding in the bathroom!!!
I have too many hair, skincare, cleaning, makeup products in my bathroom and my bathroom countertop isn't very big.  So I've tried couple different ways to arrange my bathroom and it always turns into a big ass pile of products...

Last Friday, I was on a mission.... On a mission to clean up my mess and come up with a system that I can maintain!!!

So I went to Marshalls... Why? So I can buy MORE stuff to organize my bathroom! hahaha  Oh the life of a product junkie... or is it a shopaholic?  Well, shopaholics buy things they don't need.  Product Junkies buy things they DO need. haha So there!

I wanted something to help me stay organized.  So... I ended up picking up three things.

One:  A Black Letter/ Magazine Wall Organizer for $9.99.  I wanted to use this to put miscellaneous skincare stuff.  Isn't it cute?  And CHEAP!!!

 TWO: I happened to find same set as the letter/magazine holder.  This one was two pen holders that happened to be joint together.  This one was $6.99!!!  Boo Yeah!!!

 THREE: Pink/White Hand Towels (set of four) for $7.99

And I turned my mess into this.  I know it still looks kind of crowded, but BELIEVE ME when I say it did not look organized before!!! I really like this set up!  I've maintained the cleanliness since Friday, and it works well with my routine. 

I have my lotion, sunscreen, cotton/tissue, q-tips in the letter organizer. Then I have my hair brushes and the blow dryer in the pencil holder.  It holds my blow dryer in place and it fits perfectly!!! I lined the bathroom counter with the towel to stop the water from sneaking into my metal organizers. 
In the middle, I have my elf makeup brush holders to hold all my makeup brushes, mascaras and eyeliners.  BTW, I'll do a post on the cheap useful E.L.F. items.  As a sneak peak to my future post, that brush holder is only $15, while Sephora sells the same one for $40!!! What a deal!!!

Well that's all for now!  Two posts in one day to make up for lost times!  :)

I'll be doing a picture tutorial on how to curl your hair (loose waves) and show you my hair tool collection.  :)  Coming soon!!!

From straight to wavy hair

And I'll show you the cool stuff I discovered at my last visit to The Face Shop!

Here's me signing off in my " I'm so happy, I'm not going to work on a Monday (President's Day) Look!" I love wearing whatever I want!!! hahaha  Till next posts readers!!!  Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Bravo!
    I feel like I should really get some organization in my bathroom as well!!


  2. damn girl - you own a lot of stuff! how cool!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lissa!
    Organizing your bathroom will make you feel so much better! I did!

    Carol- thata not even half of my stuff! Most are hiding!!! Hahaha

  4. BTW - I just bought the eyelash curler you recommended form e.l.f. =)