February 11, 2011

My Latest Obsessions- Glowy Foundations... Past & Current Obsessions- BB Creams

On a daily basis, I use BB Cream instead of foundation.  But lately, I've been seeing Youtube videos of this amazing Foundation/ Makeup Line in Korea.  Unfortunately, I haven't found any in the U.S.  I'm holding off on calling in a favor to my friends in Korea, but I'm really obsessing over it.  I showed the videos to my co-worker and she wants it too!!!  But before I get into that, let me do a quick review of the BB Creams I've used.  If you don't know what a BB Cream is, it's short for Blemish Balm Cream.  It was used by plastic surgeons for their post-laser treated patients.  It helps the healing of scars and also give UV protection to the face while it's healing and regenerate the skin.  I don't know about then, but now it's everywhere (mostly Korea, Japan, and Taiwan) and everyone wears it like make up.  And I'm not lying when I say, every woman in korea and perhaps half of the men have BB Creams!!!!

I discovered it when my friend brought me one from Korea.  I was a little confused because it came in one color.  But she told me it'd all blend into my skin.  So I gave it a try and fell in L♥VE!!!! I really liked how I don't have to worry about picking out the right color, and it's not really make up!!! It's more like tinted moisturizer but better with different functions! It's has functions as make-up base, foundation, anti-wrinkle, blemish treatment, sunscreen, lotion, etc... Of course it all varies depending on what kind of BB Cream you get.  You may not know the effects of the BB Cream long term, but I think it's good for your skin.  You don't have to wear thick makeup, so it's gotta be good for your pores.  And in the long run, I think my skin tone has evened out (minus the reocurring blemishes).

WARNING: I must warn you, depending on which BB cream you buy, you may feel like you are wearing white sunscreen and it may feel like you have this film over your face.  But once you pat it all into your skin, it'll all blend in, so give it couple minutes and pat the cream...

My first BB Cream ever was the Face Shop's Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream.  I really liked this one.  It was light, oil free and blended into my skin really well.  This one is about $16.  After I completely finished the product, I wanted to try other BB Creams. 

Good:  Very light yet covers your flaws. 

Bad:  Eventho it says Oil-Free, you may not think so, cuz it tends to be on the shiny side.  Face Shop is not available everywhere.  If you live in California, there's one in Los Angeles (K-Town) and one in Santa Clara/ Sunnyvale area.  A bit harder to find on-line.

After doing some research, I found that one of the original makers of BB Cream was a company called BRTC.  So I found it on E-Bay and tried the BRTC Perfect Recover Balm.  They run about $25. There are couple different kinds, but this particular one has sunscreen protectant (not sure what the SPF is), and help you with your blemishes.

Good:  The coverage is great, it really has whitening effect.  It lasts a long time on your face without getting cakey.

Bad:  The formula is a bit thicker than the other BB Creams I'm used to, and the whitening effect can freak you out cuz you look like a ghost when you just put it on.

I told my mom to pick up some Cheap BB Creams from Korea and she came back with this and one other one (that was a bit pricey... Somang- see below).  And I actually have to say this is my favorite.  I've used almost all of it.  And I think it lasted me over a year now.  This one really brightens your face! And it's light with medium coverage. 

Check out the link --->here<--- for the before and after pictures on someone's hand.  You can really see the difference.  I'm not sure if this version is still available.  But I think the new packaging is purple.

Good: I love how it brightens my skin, and that it's not too oily.  It also has this awesome pump and it's so easy to use.  It has built in collagen to plump your skin!

Bad:  Doesn't have built in sunscreen. 

This was one of the more expensive ones my mother bought me from Korea.  It has whitening and wrinkle repair.  So the more functions the BB Cream has, the more expensive it is.  I think she bought this one for about $40 in Korea so probably a little more here.

Good:  It whitens and has wrinkle repair.  Good coverage.

Bad:  Not easily accessible in U.S.  I haven't found any to buy on ebay.  And it's a bit on the thicker side.

Here are the three in order on my hand....  notice how etude (in the middle) is a bit brighter than the other two....

A Famous Celebrity Makeup Artist in Korea made her own line of makeup called chosungah Luna.  Her name is Cho Sung Ah.  You'll see her in some of the videos on youtube.  I know a lot of these promotional videos really make you wanna buy their stuff, but this line of makeup seems really promising.  Very innovative and a lot of the tools you need to put on these makeup come with it. 

TREND: The happening makeup trend in Korea right now is having natural glowy/dewy skin.  I'm totally obsessed with it!!!  I even found a Korean Article today.  But of course, what's in style/ trending in Korea isn't going to follow till next year or the one after... So finding non-korean make up at this moment would be hard....


So I went to Sephora to consult one of the ladies there.  (I'm sure you all love sephora too, but really I looooooove Sephora!!!!)   And got few samples of some glowy makeup they recommended, but it's still pretty matte and doesn't give the healthy glow within.  So I'm sticking to BB Creams and my Bare Escentual Foundations for now.  They both have the glowy look.

Anyhow, here are some of the chosungah luna videos.... you are going to obsess over all the makeups!!! I know it! Just see for yourself in these videos...  The Before and After videos are for Fall so it's missing the dewy/glowy look, but it's pretty crazy the transformation of the skin!!!   I'll let you guys know once I find out a way to get these makeup in the U.S!!!!   Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Wow, what a difference these creams make! I want some now!