February 15, 2011

Wrinkles! Dark Circles! Puffy! OH MY!!!

Oh.... Eye Creams... this one is a hard one for me to talk about just because I feel like I haven't found THE ONE.  I know a bad eye cream when I see one... but I'm not sure if I found an AWESOME one...

Anyhow.... this post is dedicated to my friend Grace! ^__^  She asked which Eye Cream I use or would recommend...

I have a lot of favorites… But I still have not found THE ONE…. for Eye Creams… I have used many many eye creams… High ends to Drug Store Brands… but only found ones that I thought was okay… maybe it’s because I’m looking for a miracle for my eyes… and there’s no such thing!!!  (maybe eyelifts? haha) Also, the eyecreams are supposed to have more of a long term affect- like it’s supposed to prevent you from more wrinkles, or dark circles, or puffiness.  And while the product is trying to help you prevent, you are not seeing enough difference or improvements.    Whatever the case, EYE CREAMS ARE A MUST in your daily skin routine!!!! The skin beneath your lower eyes are very thin and not very elastic.  So keep that area MOIST and HYDRATED!!! I also think it’s very important to start on the eye creams at an earlier age.  Not when you are like 30 or 40 and have started to see the wrinkles already.  Prevention is the key.  So if you prevent and maintain at an earlier age, you are gonna look even more FABULOSO when you are older.  I wish, I started using eye cream when I was 18!!!

Day vs. Night:  I like to use something lighter and something that wakens your eyes during the day.  And at night, something that will lock in the moisture, repair, and let my eye baggies rest….

Currently, during the day I use, Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream ($28).  This one is moisturizing yet has a powdery (not that powdery) finish which is suppose to fill in the lines, so you won’t see the wrinkles and smooth out your skin (or bags in my case).  It does what it says it does.  As for improvements to my eyes… not quite sure…  but it does feel nice and moist...

At night, I use Artistry Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream ($39.95).  This one is creamy and very moisturizing.  As for anti-wrinkle… I’m not sure if it’s doing what it’s doing.  I guess I’m getting more wrinkles, so it’s a good sign (?).  But the description sounds very promising!
TIME DEFIANCE® Lifting Eye Crème is so powerful it solves all problems of the eye area with one easy treatment. You no longer have to pick and choose from multiple skin care products to treat the eye area – with one eye crème, you can have it all.

This breakthrough formula smooths and firms the skin around the eyes to give eyes a virtual lift. Plus, it instantly brightens dark circles and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. In clinical testing, 98% of women who used TIME DEFIANCE saw improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 97% noticed improvement in the appearance of fine lines.

Like other ARTISTRY® TIME DEFIANCE® products, Lifting Eye Crème features our exclusive Derma Cell Exchange technology that hydrates, restores, and defends skin, to help your skin “remember” how to be young again.
Exclusive Derma Cell Exchange technology addresses all eye-area problems and provides a virtual lift.
  • Skin around the eye appears firmer, softer, smoother, and brighter.
  • Reduces puffiness and improves the appearance of dark circles.
  • In clinical testing, 98% of women who used TIME DEFIANCE® saw improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 97% noticed improvement in the appearance of fine lines.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.
  • For all skin types and ethnicities.

Top 5 Eye Creams I’ve Used and Liked.  I liked all of them cuz they moisturize and fill the wrinkle lines...

5. Clinique: All About Eyes Rich (Day): Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream (Night): $34.50
These are two different items... but I ranked them together... cuz I like one to use during the day and one is better suited for night use...
All About Eyes got Beauty Awards, so it might be worth checking out.

4. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream: $45
I really loved how this felt... but the bottle is small and on the pricier side.  And I didn't think this one was worth it.

3. Estee Lauder Perfectionist (Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler) : $39.50
This one really doesn't do much in the long run, however, you'll see instant/ temporary results.  I say temporary cuz it's really not meant for long term.  But this thing is GREAT!!! I put it on my hands, and it instantly filled the wrinkles on my hand.  I had my friend buy it for her mom, and she absolutely LOVED it!!! Also, you can use this one for your forehead, by your laughlines, etc...
2. Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme (Ultra Firming Eye Crème): $51.00  This one is pricey... but pretty AWESOME... very creamy and moist.

1. Dr. Wexler Intensive 3-in1 Eye Cream: Lifting, Firming, Anti-Wrinkle Formula: $32.50 (right now, buy two get one free from Bath and Body Works) I think this one is really good for it's money.  It does lifting, firming, and prevent wrinkles.  Very moist too.  This one isn't as creamy... you have to pat it into your skin a bit more.  But who cares... 
Added bonus…..
Dr. Wexler Fastscription- Instant De-Puff Eye Gel: $19.50 (Buy two get one free)
I used to use this one during the day together with the Dr. Wexler Intensive 3 in 1.  When you put this on, it has this cool feeling to it and it really does de-puff!  It even won the Women's Health Beauty All-Stars!  Putting this on has the same effects as putting a cold spoon on your eyes to get rid of the puffy and the redness!

For more eye cream recommendations... go check out 16 additional eye creams Total Beauty Recommends.
But to tell you the truth, I’m not seeing that much of a difference between all the eye creams especially between the expensive ones to the cheaper ones… for me... as long as it moisturizes well, it's doing it's job... maybe it doesn’t even make sense to buy the more expensive brands…
Perhaps, I’ll do some research and try out some drug store brands….

Update about my Philosophy Turbo C Booster Powder.   It’s very interesting.  I put pump of my Eucerin Sensitive SPF 15 Moisturizer in the palm of my hand, and a scoop of the powder, and I mix.  As soon as I mix, little chemistry happens in the palm of my hand!  It turns the lotion cool and watery then really warm.  Once I put it on my face, it almost melts into my skin, which makes me think it’s really sinking into my skin.  I hope so!!! Considering my skin is really dehydrated!!!!
 So I’ve been using in the mornings with my morning skincare routine for 6 days now.  I like it.  It almost feels like I’m wakening my skin when I put this on.  But as for improvements, I haven’t noticed anything significant… I think it needs maybe a month or so for me to notice… we shall see…

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