March 29, 2011

Review: Philosophy Just Release Me Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve been an avid user of Clinique’s Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover for over 10 years now.  None of the Eye Makeup Removers I’ve tried have done a better job than my Clinique Purple Bottle.  I wear Waterproof everything on my eyes, so it’s very important that I get everything off my eyes in the most gentle way possible.

While surfing the Philosophy’s website (with my 40% off Coupon), I’ve decided to try the Philosophy Just Release Me Eye Make Up Remover.  I love Philosophy Products, so I was not hesitant to try this out.

First of all, I love their packaging and their simple names for their products.  “Just Release Me”… doesn’t that sound like it’ll release all the junk off your eyes? hahahah

The front of the bottle reads: Philosophy: from caked on to baked on, from lid locks to grid lock, from dressed up to stressed out, from high shoes to win-lose, from run fast to slow down, it’s time to release your eye makeup and set your sights free.

The back of the bottle reads: dual phase, oil-free eye makeup remover.  Removes the toughest eye makeup, including waterproof; extremely gentle on the eyes; opthamologist tested; safe for contact lens wearers; natural extracts calm and soothe the skin.

The liquid inside was very similar to Clinique’s Take the Day Off.  It had two layers of liquid and mixed when shaken.

Put to the Test:
I tried it for the first time last night.  I took off my right eye makeup with Philosophy Just Release Me, and the left eye with my Clinique Take the Day Off.  I wanted to do side by side comparison.

Clinique’s Take the Day Off was definitely a lot more greasier than the Philosophy Just Release Me.  Philosophy Just Relase was very clean and did not leave any oily residue.  But Clinique’s Take the Day Off dissolved the waterproof makeup faster than the Philosophy Just Release me.

I’d give it a 4 stars out of 5.  I’d recommend this to someone who doesn’t like greasy eye makeup remover, who are acne proned and staying away from oily makeup removers.  It also is only $18 for 6 fl. oz. which is bigger than the Clinique’s Take the Day Off.  Clinique’s 4.2 fl. oz costing the same at $18.  The formula is extremely gentle and very clean.  And it removed every trace of my waterproof eye makeup!  I’d probably buy it again, but not sure yet if I'd replace my Clinique Purple Bottle.  : P

Eye Makeup Removing Tip:
Don't scrub or rub your eyes with your cotton pad.  Put plenty of (but not soaking) the solution on the pad and place it on your eyes and massage it in to slowly, gently release the makeup.  Then gently hold the pad and remove the pad in a downward motion.  And gently go over wherever you still have residue.  For even gentle application, use cotton swab.


  1. i love ur blog! i feel like your posts answer my dilemmas heheh
    if you can do without makeup remover and don't mind your face wash doing the job for you, you should try Neutrogena's Naturals purifying pore scrub. I've tried for a week and i love it! it smells good, really gentle and it takes off my waterproof bobbi brown mascara. i usually have to put pressure to get it off, but this does the trick. if you want to try mine out, i'll bring you some hahah
    p.s. if you buy at target right now, you get the lip balm for free :)

  2. Thanks Ellen!!!
    I'm always a sucker for new product! I'll try the Neutrogena pore scrub! You got me at Naturals.... kekeke

  3. Thanks for this! I know I'm a little late here, but I just found your post in a Google search while trying to figure out which to buy. Like you, I've been loyal to the purple bottle, but I like Philosophy and they give you more liquid for your buck. Still sort of on the fence but now at least I have more info. Thanks! =)

    1. Thanks for the visit! I still love my purple bottle. But I do like using the Philosophy one to correct my eye makeup since it's not as greasy as the Clinique one. :) But you might like it more than I do.