June 14, 2011

NOTD: Baby Blue with Polk a dots

Another Polk a dot nails. Blue nail polish from OPI - what's with the cattitude. I'm in love with this color. Used dotting tool to make the white and pink Polk a dots.
Did you know the next "in color" is blue this season? ^_^

I also did my friend's nails with same color and white polk a dots.  I'm really into doing the fourth/ ring finger differently from the others.  I think it's unique. :)  She really loved this color and the design!

I've been posting a lot of NOTD and about nails lately just cuz these are easiest posts.  Please stay tuned for some makeup product reviews.  ^_^


  1. Ohhh! It's sooo cute! Especially the first one! *__* Love it! ♥


  2. nice notd! I might have the same baby blue polish as you!!! I like it too but I wanted something more "baby" and lighter hahaha just so picky, that's one bad thing about polish, you just don't know till you try it! You're blog is so cute!

  3. Thay look so nice! Loved the first one, you should do tutorials xx