August 19, 2013

Sephora VIB Rouge

Ever since I posted a picture on my instagram & facebook of a VIB Rouge package I got, a lot of people have been asking what this is.

If you are not familiar with Sephora's Beauty Insider Program, and you shop at Sephora, go sign-up at the stores or on-line.  It's a free membership program and you gets perks by racking up points.

Couple of weeks ago, Sephora revealed their new tier of points program, VIB Rouge.  There are 3 tiers.
1. Beauty Insider
2. VIB
3. VIB Rouge

To qualify for VIB status, which is one above, Beauty Insider, you have to spend more than $350 in the calendar year to qualify for the current year and the next calendar year.  (for example, if I qualified today, my membership is covered till 12/31/2014)

To qualify for the new tier, VIB Rouge, you have to spend more than $1000 in the calendar year to qualify for the current year and the next calendar year.

So what are the new perks of being a total shopaholic?

All the perks of a Beauty Insider and VIB
Pretty shiny red card that says you spend a lot at Sephora.
Bite Beauty Lipstick in miniature size
Special Gifts just for VIB Rouge
Free Shipping at no minimum required (this is a big deal for me! Hate paying for shipping!)
Free beauty consultation/ makeover without minimum purchase
Special Events just for VIB Rouge
Your own person concierge on the phone (less wait)
And just recently, last week VIB Rouge received 4x the points, while Beauty Insider got 2x and VIB got 3x.

Now I didn't purposely try to qualify for this.  I am a little ashamed of the fact that I spent so much.  But since I did qualify, I will take a full advantage of my VIB Rouge status. LOL

Tips on becoming VIB Rouge
So let's say there's no way in hell you are gonna spend $1000 in a calendar year.  But you still want to become VIB Rouge, here are some of my tips I came up with to help you achieve this goal.
1.  Someone's birthday coming up?  Buy birthday, thank you and Christmas gifts from Sephora and rack up the $$$$ spent here.  They have everything from shower, perfume, hair, skincare, makeup, mens shaving products, skincare... pretty much everything a girl or guy needs!
2.  If you are buying makeup, skincare, perfume from Department Stores or elsewhere, switch all of that over to Sephora.
3.  Do your friends, mom, family, men in your life need something and they don't have Sephora Beauty Insider membership?  Have them use your membership.  Just tell them to give the register your e-mail address so you get the credits.
4.  Do you want to save up to 8% at Sephora?  Sign-up for Ebates.  You get rebate every time you shop on-line.  The 8% rebate does not get discounted on the gross amount you are spending at Sephora.

Lastly, this is what I received in my box.  If you get this box from, you don't get a membership card, so go to the actual store and get one if you want the physical card.

Still editing my photos for CC Cream from Amore and Cushion Compact from IOPE.  Stay tuned.  Yes, I'm such a lagger!

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