May 23, 2011

"Cute & Cheap Finds" Haul

I had couple of random stuff I acquired in the past month, that I thought were really good finds and wanted to share with you guys.

I'm not really good with handling handbags... I can't get myself to buy expensive ones cuz I really don't take care of it, and I really don't think it's worth it.  The expensive ones I have, I usually don't wear, or now it has torn up (my LV bag... poor bag).  So anyhow, I try to stick to good enough quality so I can actually use them, with a little style.  Here are good ones I found... I thought they were cheap, stylish, and good quality.

From Love Culture ($37.99)
The lady at the counter said, it was a good thing I was buying it, cuz I got one of the last ones.  For that price, the quality was excellent and the design was so nice.  To me it looked way more expensive than the actual price.  Very handy too cuz it's so big and has nice compartments inside.  It's my fave bag right now! I quizzed some of the people that complimented me on the bag and asked them how much they think I bought it for... and the lowest number I got was $200!  Scooorrrrre!  Someone also told me they thought it was a Tory Burch bag... I looked it up and looks just like it... almost to every detail...  I didn't mean to buy a knock off, but seriously didn't know about it... so oh wells!

From Aldo. ($14)
Got it off the clearance rack and ended up only paying $14!  You can carry it as a clutch or a purse.  Love the color and design... 




 From Aldo ($42)

I actually paid full price for this one. :) It was pink and couldn't help it... also it had tassles.  Tassles are supposedly really in right now.  But I still think it was a great buy.  I love the color, the chains... Only thing I don't like about this is that, it has two compartments that fly open when the top flap isn't closed.  So you have to becareful...  It due to the placement of the chains...



This one is a cosmetic bag from the Coach Outlet ($20)
Originally...... $88... and still $79.99 even reduced.... but got mine for $20.... it was 50% off with extra 30%!!! Once again... it's pink... and grey... all my favorite colors.  hahaha

 Hello Kitty Standing Mirror ($15)

I love Hello Kitty.  And this mirror is perfect for traveling! It fits into the Coach Makeup Bag! :)  The face part snaps on and off from the mirror backing... and it stands up on it's own! Love it!



  1. Awesome - I just forwarded a link to your blog to my friend. She will love your blog. =)

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