April 1, 2012

Review: Wet n Wild Palettes: Blue Had Me at Hello and Petal Pusher

I was at CVS the other day picking up some toothpaste and I wondered off into the beauty section.  It seems like drugstore beauty products have been getting more spotlights lately.  So I decided to see what's new and might be worth checking out.

I picked up Wet n Wild 8 Eye shadow Palettes in Blue Had Me At Hello and Petal Pusher.  I decided to pick these two up because they were cheap- $4.99 for each palette.  And these were colors I wouldn't normally pick up paying more money for the eye shadows I wouldn't use on a normal basis.  I tend to stick to pinks and neutral colors, which I wouldn't mind investing in.  Also when the Wet n Wild Comfort Palette came out (which is all neutral colors like the Urban Decay's Naked Palette), all the beauty gurus went nuts and they were sold out EVERYWHERE!  I never looked for them, but that's what I heard.

Petal Pusher on the left and Blue Had Me At Hello on the right.  I bought these because of the purple, green and blue shades.  I always wanted those sets of colors in my collections but didn't want to fork out $15 and up per shadow when I knew I wouldn't get good use of them.

Swatches of Petal Pusher.

Out of all the sets, this four set was the lightest and most sheer.  I think this set of colors would be great for a light romantic look.

Swatches of second set of Petal Pusher
This set was much richer and much more pigmented colors.  This could be used for going out and also I think if used correctly, it could be used everyday as well.

Swatches of Blue Had Me At Hello

This set contained more metallic gray blue-ish shades.  I'm not a big fan of gray metallic colors, but I think I could use the crease color and the mixing the eyelid colors for a night out.

Swatches of second set of Blue Had Me at Hello. This my favorite set of all of them.  I'm really loving the greenish blue-ish shade for the eyelids. I think it could be really fun for the summer. :)

I haven't used Wet n Wild products forever!  But I'm really glad I gave this a chance.  I'm so impressed by the price and the quality of these eye shadows.  It's almost creamy, silky and well pigmented.  I tried wearing it for 12 hours with eyelid primer and it did not crease or flake.  Lasted all day.  I think for $4.99 for 8 eye shadows, it's totally worth checking out.  Check it out at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target.

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