April 1, 2012


I had to replace my trusty Stila's makeup brush/ makeup pouch I carried with me everywhere.  After about 10 years, I had to retire it.  It finally ripped.  : (  I was quite sad.

I've been searching for a replacement that could hold my brushes and eyeliners and whatever I have to travel with ease.  After searching for the right one that would do the job, I saw a makeup artist at the Smashbox Launch Party use a MAKEUP FOREVER tube looking thing. It caught my eye.

I purchased the MAKEUP FOREVER DANY'S POUCH.  After looking for this high and low I was able to find it on good 'ol trusty eBay.  It was pricier than what I wanted to spend, but it was what I was looking for.  I purchased it here (sorry my seller ran out, this is another seller) on eBay for $35 plus $7 for shipping.

This is my Stila's brush pouch I was replacing.  It had a zippered pouch with a brush holder and a velcro latch that kept the pouch together.  This was a great makeup pouch.

Zippered pouch on the left and brush holders on the right.

And the ripped pouch.  RIP pouch... : (

The Makeup Forever Pouch which is more like two cup holders one side bigger than the other that come together and is attached by a stretchy band and holds it together with a plastic buckle.  The great thing about this is that it makes finding your brushes or pencils, eyeliners easy.  It also does a great job of protecting your brushes when traveling.  Only bad thing is if I put smudge pot or eye shadows in this thing, it'll fall to the bottom and it'll be harder to find.

when you are traveling, you can put brushes and whatever you need to on both sides.  It fits quite a bit. :)

Only bad thing is that this stretchy band is a bit long and it can come apart a little.  If you don't have anything small you are carrying you don't have anything to worry about, but if you do, and the cup holders come apart, it can fall out!

For the most part, it does the job.  I like that it stands up and it will work great when I travel. And it's sturdy that I know it'll keep my brushes protected.  But I don't think it'll ever fully replace my Stila Brush Holder.

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