September 17, 2012

About Natural Candles

Non-beauty post!
Did you know there are differences between all natural candles and regular good 'ol fashioned wax candles?
I didn't know...
As you can see all natural candles burn much more evenly.  I got this Scensational Natural Soy Candle from Marshalls for $10, which is about the same price of any other candles.

This one is a regular wax candle.  Do you see how it burns only around the wick?  I hated this because I always felt like it just wastes the candles around it and sometimes the wicks are harder to light.  I even tried moving the candle around so the hot wax can melt around it, but that didn't work... lol

Side by side comparison after.

Since it's the same price, why not go for the Natural Candles right?  Some of the higher end candles can get really expensive, so don't forget to check out your local Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Ross!

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