November 1, 2012

GLOSSYBOX (October 2012)

Got my October 2012 Glossybox!  This month's theme is SpaLuxe. 

It came with a Glossybox Magazine.

I love getting Glossybox! It feels like I'm receiving a gift every month! :)

Listing of the contents.  Received 5 items with 2 full size items. 

Contents of the box.

Received half size of Carols Daughter's Coconut Shea Souffle. I never heard of this brand until couple months ago, but it looks like it's an up and coming company.  Saw few products at Sephora.

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist.  It's a spray to help make your hair strong and glossy.

Alessandro Int'l Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm.  I have something like this from Julep and I absolutely love it, so I'm gonna have to try this out to compare to Julep's.

Secret Garden Exfoliating Loofa Soap in full size.  I think this one is going to be my favorite.  It's a loofa built into the soap! Genious!  And it smells like grapefruit, and it smells absolutely wonderful!

Last but not least, Modelco Lipduo, lipstick and lipgloss.  Not sure of the color.  This one was also full size and was valued at $39, so definitely got my money's worth with just this one alone.  I like the consistency and the color of this lipduo, but I'm not quite sure of the mirror situation.  The mirror is in the middle but the lipstick and lipgloss wand is attached to it, so you can't really look at it while putting this on, which I feel like defeats the purpose of having a mirror on it in the first place.... but whatever the case, this is what I got. :)

Swatch of the lipstick

Lipgloss on top of the lipstick

Overall, I was happy with the items received.  I think last month's was better, but I can't always love what I'm getting blind.  But the quality and the value of the items received is very good.  Second month and still loving Glossybox.

If you want to try it, click here my referral invitation .  And don't forget to go through  They give you I believe 12% rebate off your purchase.  You should also check out gazillion stores you can get cash rebates from.

Also want to remind the readers to check out my previous post for the giveaway!  Last day to enter is November 11th, 2012.  Check post here for the details.


  1. Lovely box. I'm very much into bath/foot products this month, lol. xx

    1. Me too! In the fall you have to special attention to your skin.

    2. Me too! In the fall you have to special attention to your skin.

  2. All the items look great,this is the first box I actually loved all of the items! xx

  3. Does UK get same themes and/or items as US?

  4. same here! :)