February 22, 2012

Review: OttLite Bulbs - It'll change your life! and your eyes!

Today will be a non- beauty related post.  While surfing the web yesterday, I found something called the OttLite and I had never heard of it.  So I decided to do some research.  It's a new kind of light/ light bulb technology that allows you to basically see in High Definition (simply put).  Light allows you to see many ranges of the color spectrum, it's easy on your eyes while reading, allows you to see true color, and very close to natural daylight.  It's very comparable to flourescent light without harsh bright lights that can strain your eyes and you need fewer bulbs of the OttLite to achieve the same clarity.  But most of all, I was getting tired of seeing myself in yellow/orangey tone that you get from regular light bulbs. 

I was really excited about these light bulbs for the following reasons:
1. I can finally put on my make-up in natural daylight (so I don't look like a freak when I go out in day light)
2. I can finally see myself in true color and not yellow or orangey
3. They save energy just like energy saving light bulbs
4. They last forever! 8,000 to 10,000 hours! (that's like 5-7 years if you only use it for couple hours a day)
(for more technical/ data, please visit: http://www.ottlite.com/)  And you can also find a video on thisAmazon link here.

So... I ran to Lamp Plus last night and picked up two 20 watt (equivalent to 100 watt) for $19.99 each.  Pricey I know.  But I didn't want to order it on-line and wait forever to get it.  I was able to find it cheaper on Amazon with 2 day shipping for Amazon Prime members for $8.99!!!  I'll link it below.  So I will be returning these pricey suckers to Lamp Plus.

I ran home and put these light bulbs on my lamps right away.  When I first put them on, it was a bit dimmer than I expected.  But within 30 seconds to a minute, it started to get brighter (You need to give it some time to warm up).  Just like the energy saving light bulbs, it takes a little time to warm up and brighten up to it's full potential.  When it did, it took my eyes some time to adjust and it had a slight blue tint... but WOWWWW!!! These light bulbs were amazing!!!

I took some pictures to do some comparisons and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!  I took all the pictures without the use of the camera flash.

On the left: Milo's sweater in energy saving light bulb (120 watt)
On the right: OttLite (20 watt) 
And look how clean and clear the blue looks!


Picture of the OttLite Box.  Once again, no flash used.
On the right: old light bulb vs. On the left: OttLite

Here's a comparison of all three lights. OttLite, Compacet Fluorescent, and Traditional light bulb.

I've only used it for a day, but I love it ALREADY!!!  While reading a magazine under this light last night, I really felt like the contrast in the letters and the pictures looked so much more clearer.  I couldn't believe that I was using that crappy light bulb all these years!!! It's like a blind person or someone with bad vision being able to REALLY see for the first time! lol

I highly recommend you guys changing out your light bulbs.  It's pricier, but they claim to last upto 7 years!  Even 5 years it's worth it.  Regular light bulbs burn out fast and last couple months.

You can get the awesomeness at Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, Amazon. (Link ----->here <------)
Go Upgrade your eyes!

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