June 18, 2012

Bracelet/ Watch Organization

Happy Monday everyone!  Getting closer to my 100th post!  Which reminds me I need to start picking out the gift for the GIVEAWAY!  Also to all my friends, subscribers, and any readers... thanks for stopping by and leaving me messages.  I know I started the blog to just write and share information, but it's nice to get feedbacks! :) 

Anyhow... Just bought something for organizing my bracelets and wanted to share with you because it ended up looking nicer and neater than I initially thought when I bought this.  I was never really a bracelet kind of person, but now adays, there are so many cute arm candies and I think stacking bracelet is very trendy!

I also should do other jewelry organization post, but my other jewelries are actually not organized as I like them to be at this time. :)

I bought a three tier velvet wrapped bracelet/ watch holder from eBay for $18 and change.  It was shipped from Hong Kong but I got it in about a week, which is pretty fast (considering shipping was free too!)

But when it arrived there was a little tear on one of the rolls.  I was afraid it will continue to rip, so I put a tape on it and hid the area.  I contacted the seller and they told me they'd credit me $3.  I told them $6, so they agreed.  So I actually got this for $12.  Not bad. lol 

I can't say it's the greatest quality in the world, but it will do the job and it actually looks like some sort of decoration in my room. :)

Once I organize my rings, necklaces, and earrings, I will do another post on how I organize those.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday! ♥


  1. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

    1. Thanks Laura! I'll definitely subscribe!

  2. Your stand looks so nice with all your bracelets on it! I'm curious though, is it hard to get the ones in the middle out?

    1. It's not too bad. But I tried to put bracelets with latches that I can take off easily without disturbing other bracelets in the middle and ones with elastic kind at the ends...