July 2, 2012

No More Paper Receipts - How to Eliminate & Organize Your Receipts

Do you ever have the "Big Fat Wallet" Syndrome?  It's when your wallet has so much stuff in it, that you can barely close it and it is seriously about to BURST!!!  We wish it was because there is too much money in your wallet, but we all know it's because of those pesky receipts that we keep in our wallets.

I try to clean mine out every so often, but I always end up throwing away the receipts that I needed, or never throwing it away.  I used to throw all my receipt in a box.  But I never got around to throwing them away, so it just piled up.  Usually I shop frequently at few stores who are willing to give you store credit for items you don't have receipts for.  Sephora was one of them.  However, recently, they have gotten very strict about even giving you store credit if you don't have a receipt.  And you all know I shop a lot at Sephora! 

Recently, I found two helpful iPhone apps to help you scan your receipts/ more like take a picture and organize your receipts for you. 

1. Shoeboxed (FREE on iTunes)
You can take pictures of your receipts and you can add notes.  You have to create a user account before you can start using the app.  But you can also access all your receipts and information on the web account.  So if you ever need to print out your receipts.  Or you can use a scanner and add it on-line using a computer as well.

 2.  Lemon.com Wallet (FREE on iTunes)
This app actually does more than keep copies of your receipts.  You can scan your membership cards, create reports, keep track of budgets in each categories.   Also you create an account which allows you to access your account on your computer as well.  And this app has auto detection which detects the amounts of your items from your receipts.  You don't need to create an account to start using (which I like).


Both apps were very easy to use.  I haven't decided which one I like better, so I'm going to continue to use both for awhile.  And in the meantime, I'll continue to ask each stores if they would be willing to take copy of the receipts, so I know I can eventually eliminate all my paper receipts.

Will you switch to electronic copies of receipts?  Is this the future?

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