August 29, 2012

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

I've been seeing the No Mirror Makeup Challenge Tag around the web, and I was curious to find out how I will do.  Basically you do your makeup without looking at the mirror at all!!!

Since I don't do videos, I took periodic pictures of me doing the makeup.   A little embarassing, but here it is....

I really messed up on the eyes... I'm sure if you don't look at me up close, you can't tell... but I will know!
I think the hardest part was the eyebrows. Cuz I think the brows take more precision when filling them in.

(I darkened these pictures, so you can see where my eyeshadows were... a little bit too high... as you can see)

It was kind of fun.  I might try doing it another time but attempting really dark smokey eyes.  I may even attempt to put on some false lashes. LOL

You should try it when you are bored too.  Let me know how you do!

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