August 7, 2012

Review: Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder

I don't have any preference on powder.  I feel like it doesn't do much for my face other than keep my face from getting super oily in the T-Zone for maybe an hour at most.  It seems like that is the trend no matter what kind of face powder I use.  I frequently use Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil, Face Shop's Face-It Loose Powder, recently tried Rimmel's Mattifying Pressed Powder, Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder(which I hated the most), etc... and I feel like they all do the same thing.  And when I take pictures I always have a glowy look (sometime can be too much glow that it looks oily).  If I pack on too much, I look like a ghost because it catches so much light! The frustration!  So since it really never made a diference, I just pick up whatever powder I see.

I guess what I'm looking for in a powder is:
1. Natural Finish, so I don't look like I'm wearing powder
2. Doesn't catch too much light
3. Doesn't dry out my face
4. Keep my T-Zone less oily
5. Set my makeup

Recently, I really have been falling in love with Chanel products again, so I decided to give the Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder ($52.00) a try again.  Yes it's pricey, but you get tons of product and you can probably use this for about 2 years.  I bought in color 20 Clair. It regularly comes in 3 colors and currently there is one limited edition color.

The description from Chanel: Ultra-soft loose powder provides sheer, light coverage with a soft matte finish, setting and perfecting makeup as it evens skin tone.  Photo-reflective pigments help disguise imperfections  without emphasizing lines.

I thought 20 Clair was going to be too light for me in the summer, but it was quite transluscent but with a hint of color.  The packaging is beautiful as it is with any Chanel products.  And you get 30 grams or 1 ounce of product.  In sheer finely milled powder, that's a lot.  Believe me.  Here's the packaging against my face.  You could see how big it is.

This is the product on my hand. Looks way too light for my hand!

And this is lightly patted in.  Still a little chalky against my hand.  But my hand is way darker than my face.  But what I noticed just from this demo is that the product did not settle above the wrinkles and actually made it look much smoother.

My Thoughts:

First thing I noticed about this powder is the staying power.  I wore this outside for 7 hours in my convertible in the broad day light underneath the sun, indoors, but mostly I was outdoors during those 7 hours.  My nose did not appear oily or shiny after those 7 hours.  I first didn't believe it, so I tried it again and observed.  It still looked great.  And it kept my foundation from separating and bunching up on my skin. And as time passed, the powder looks more and more natural like your skin.  I like that it has a nice semi-matte finish.  I also took pictures with flash and it did not make me look like a ghost!!!! SUCCESS!!!!
I think this might be everything I've been looking for in a powder.  And I'm just kicking myself for not trying it out again earlier.  Can't believe I forgot about this!!!
Just for your reference, I have combination oily in the t-zone and dry on my cheeks kind of skin.  I don't even know what to call that. LOL

Here's a picture of me after those 7 hours!

I think the only bad thing about loose powder is that you can't carry it around.  But I think given the staying power, I really won't need to touch up, so guess that's moot. :)

If you have skin like me and is looking for same thing as me, I give this two thumbs up and two big toes up!  I think it's worth every penny!!!

I have another Chanel item I'm reviewing... so that'll be up soon.

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