February 14, 2013

TOTD: Curl Lashes without Lash Curler

I'm gonna see if I can keep up with this, but I'll be doing short blog post and calling it Tip Of The Day (TOTD).

Have you ever been stuck without an eyelash curler, or you curled your eyelashes and they fall flat as soon as you put on mascara?  Don't fear, you can still curl your lashes or give it an extra lift just by using your finger!

Typically our body temperature is about 97-98 degrees and this heat can help you curl your lashes!

I find this method to work better when I already have my mascara on and fully dried.
1. To give it extra heat, rub your hands, or the fingers together.
2. Place the finger below your lashes, lift them up to where you want the lift or curl, and leave it there for 15-30 seconds.
Voila! Lift off!  Hope you enjoyed my tip of the day, and I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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