October 4, 2012

Current Wishlist (October 2012)

Wow, just checked my stats, and I'm at exactly 51,000 views.  Kinda cool...  :)  Thank you for those reading!  I don't really get anything out of blogging other than just pure enjoyment... but that's a lot... So thank you!  It's kind of good to know that there is someone reading this. :) :) :) 

So, I always have something I want to buy next....  and I feel like I have been buying up more than usual amount of makeup, or more pricier ones these days, so I thought I cut down... but now wishlist is piling up! So here are some things that I'm looking to buy, or kind of hesitating..

Velour Mink Lashes:  Aren't these gorgeous???  Even tho these are made of 10% mink, it's actually PETA friendly.  They were brushed off the minx (?) and they are from fallen out furs/hairs.  Not killed to make eyelashes.  These are pricey, so I have been hesitating.  But I hear they are great quality and you can wear them over 30 times.  And they are comfortable!

Are Those Real? ($29.99) very natural looking

You Complete Me ($29.99) a little oomph for that perfect cat eye   (I feel like these will really complete me... hahahaha)

With my red lip obsession, this list is growing with pricier lip products.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in Color 9 Rouge Laque ($32.00)
I can't even get this even if I wanted to.  It's only being sold on-line through Sephora (exclusive color) and it's SOLD OUT!  I hate it how I want it even more when I can't have it!

hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven-Orange Red ($28.00)  It's a liquid lipstick that dries matte, so it stays on your lips.  It's perfect for me!

MAC Ruby Woo ($15.00).  This is a vivid blueish red, matte lipstick.  Probably a cult favorite/ classic red color.

MAC Russian Red ($15.00).  This is a intense blueish red.  I hear Gwen Stefani wears this color a lot.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush ($25.00)  I have been searching for a perfect pencil brush forever!  I still haven't found one that will fit my small eyes.... so this was my number two choice... so I'll get this one at some point....

And lastly, Living proof Prime Style Extender ($20.00).  For those of you know me, I preach about the Living proof products.  Especially their Volumizing sprays, hairspray, and their full thickening mousse/cream (can I say... holy grail status....) are freakin awesome... These are always stocked up in my bathroom.  Anyhow, Living proof just came out with Prime Style Extender, which is basically a primer for your hair, so your styles will last.  And if I know them well, I'm guessing it has heat protectant built in just like their thickening mousse/cream.  I'm holding off on buying these because they are currently giving away deluxe samples through their facebook page.  They are giving away 1,000/a day until they reach 25,000.  From what I hear, it takes 58 seconds to give away 1,000.  I tried on the weekend when no one was on. It worked.  So before I buy this sucker, I'm gonna try using my deluxe sample Yay!  If you want in, go to their facebook page (I think it has to be on the computer) and go to the prime style extender app.  I recommend trying this at 9 AM sharp saturday or sunday is your best bet!

So these are on my current wish list... What's on yours?  Please share with me!!!! Pleaseeeeee~~~

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