October 4, 2012

Review: NARS Debbie Harry Eye And Cheek Palette (Andy Warhol Collection)

Just look at this palette.... isn't it gorgeous?  It's from NARS Andy Warhol Pop Collection, Debbie Harry Eye and Cheek Palette ($65). And with NARS eyeshadows being pigmented and silky... I thought this was going to be a dream.... Blush, highlighter, and four gorgeous eyeshadows...  This palette is exclusive to Sephora.

image source: Google.com

I was so stoked.  I work right across from Sephora, so I went in to get this palette at lunch.  It technically wasn't even released two days ago.  I believe it was released at the stores today.  So I asked the Sephora Rep to get it from the back to show me.  I wouldn't be able to buy it, but she said she'd show me to play with it.  When she came back, the palette was about 3/4 size of the Danmari/ Joie de Vivre Palette.  I liked the size and I like NARS packaging.  When I opened it, it was a brand new sample Sephora was going to put out into their display.  Holy Crap, there was so much silver glitter, I thought I was at Mardi Gras. And I mean BIG CHUNKY GLITTER. And these glitters are not even incorporated into the shadows or blushes.  It looked like it was sprinkled on.  I made the "ewwwww" face and the Sephora rep said let's go the station and play with it.  I was so disappointed, I didn't even want to play with it.  But I decided to give it benefit of the doubt and swatch it.  Especially the purple and teal eyeshadows. Oh my... all I got was glitter and NO COLOR PAYOFF.  The eyeshadow wouldn't even stay on my hand.  And all I was left was glitter and that just fell off after few swipes.  Fine... glitter falls off, but what's up with no pigment on vibrant colors like the purple and teal?  I'm still shaking my head. And to make things waaaay worse, there were same glitter on the blush and the highlighter too. I MEAN TO MAKE SURE I WAS SWATCHING CORRECTLY, I EVEN SWATCHED IT AGAIN TO SHOW MY FRIEND.....(See swatches here)

You can see in this enlarged picture the silver glitter.  I thought it was just going to be small glitter, but it's big glitter.  Trust me.  BIG SILVER USELESS GLITTER that doesn't stick.

WHY NARS WHY? And Sephora... WHY?  Didn't anyone look at this and say, this glitter just falls off and it's way too big?  I'm surprised NARS and SEPHORA allowed this poor quality product in the market.  And put Andy Warhol's name on it.

In conclusion, I obviously didn't buy it.  If you are looking to buy this on-line, please don't.  I will beg you not to.  Go to the store and check it out first.  I will guarantee you, you will not want it.  If you check the Sephora website, you'll see reviews like mine.  There are few that says the pigment and color payoff is great.  I don't know what they are smoking or what palette they got.  But it is not the case.  I reviewed it on sephora, but I don't know where my review went.... or wasn't posted yet.

I cannot recommend this palette to ANYONE in the right mind.  Actually even if you are crazy, don't get it. LOL


  1. So disappointing about this palette, I was really excited about it when I heard about the collection but I'll be giving this one a miss glittery, chalky, un-pigmented shadows just aren't the things I come to look for with makeup, especially not what I'd expect from NARS and especially for the price!

    1. I hear you! I love these limited palettes by NARS but the quality was horrible. Worse than cheap drugstore brands... I really wanted it, but just couldn't do it with this quality.

  2. Its amazing how one can find a post that was written years ago! I bought one recently from a TK/TJ maxx, I like the one I have but the silver factory illuminator heavily disappointed me