March 8, 2012

Julep Box for a PENNY!!! Yes a PENNY!

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I found out about this great deal on Julep Nail Polishes.  Just like a lot of the website out there like Jewelmint, Shoedazzle, etc... you take a personal test, and Julep will recommend the colors you might like or may suit you.  You may have seen it on Magazines like Instyle, Allure, Vogue...

Membership is $19.99, you can cancel at anytime or skip the month, or purchase anything else that was not recommended to you.  How awesome is that?!?!  And every nail polish you buy, they donate to organizations that support Women through "Powered by Girlfriends" Program.  Also, you are receiving retail value of $40.00 for $19.99.

THE BEST PART.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... I was able to get my first box for a PENNY!!! And that's including shipping!

Please use my referral link here---> Julep and take the test, enter e-mail and create log-in.
When you check out, it'll say $19.99.  In the promotional code, enter: COLOR2012.  Check the state you are shipping to, pick MAVEN ONLY for shipping, and it should come out to a $0.01 Penny. (it may differ for tax reasons if you are shipping to Washington)

First I'll let you see what I received....  I ordered on Monday afternoon, and I received this Thursday.  They are shipped from Washington.

I received two nail polishes that fit my style... of course there was a pink nail polish!!! Pink one is called Jennifer and the Purple glitter is called Brooke.  Gorgeous!  I haven't tried it on my nails yet, but I'll swatch it on my nails soon!  The packaging is so pretty.  Looks like lipgloss... so chic!

This is what it looks like on white paper.  The purple one is super duper shiny!

And a full size Glycolic Hand Scrub

I may keep my membership for another month.  Even if I pay $19.99 for the next month, I'm still getting $80 worth of stuff for only $20.00.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

It's almost the weekend~~~~ woo hoooo~~~~

Miloberry~ ♥