March 2, 2012

Hello Kitty Haul!!!!!

I went Hello Kitty Crazy!
I was introduced to this website in China (don't worry it's legit) called Sungwin.  The layout of the website resembles lol
Anyhow, things are dirt cheap, and they carry tons of Hello Kitty items!
This is what I got for less than $20. No tax, and Free Shipping.
Two Hello Kitty Glasses ($4 each)
Hello Kitty iPhone Retractable USB ($3.62)
Two Hello Kitty Watches ($3.66 each)

I actually ordered black ones, but they accidentally sent me the blue ones.  Black ones are on their way.  They responded very quickly!

And here is a Hello Kitty iPhone case I got awhile back on eBay ($9.99).  So cute and sturdy too!


I got some Hello Kitty eyelashes ($3.99 for two pairs) awhile back too. Hello Kitty makes everything!!!!! 

I already used one.... ^_^  It has nice thin clear band and longer lashes in the middle with shorter ones on the outter corners making it look very natural and dolly.

And this is what it looks like.... very natural....

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